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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2019

. 31. Whether funds and manpower were not constraints? A. Amma’s Sankalpa yields all that is needed for a mammoth event. It is Her play! It is all woman power (Smiles)!

  1. 32. From what is narrated, one will be convinced that the pure Sankalpa of Mahatmas can make things happen. Can you give some glimpses of the happenings in the Swarn Utsavam?
  2. It is recorded that thousands of liters of milk were transported in drums and in ordinary vessels in the hot climate and the milk did not curdle. Pandals and Shamianas were erected in 80 acres of harvested paddy fields and 13 kitchens were established and the food tasted the same. Thousands of persons slept in the open fields inhabited by snakes and other creatures but there were no untoward instances. Many people observed that the heaps of food did not diminish despite drawing huge quantities from them. Above all, when Amma said that the celebration is not only for humans but for all creatures, it was fed into the Omkar river, flowing by the village, so that the creatures also receive it.
  3. 33. Now, coming to the temples at Jillellamudi, we see Hymalayam. What is the significance of this temple and who is the presiding deity?
  4. Sadhakas come to sacred places like Jillellamudi in pursuit of their spiritual Sadhana. When sincerely practiced, the Sadhaka would reach the ultimate state of the mind. In such transcendental states one becomes complete. This process will be speeded up with the grace of the Mahatmas in the spiritually uplifting centers.

About Hymalayam! The question arises why Amma chose her own daughter Hyma for imparting divinity and for consecrating her as a goddess in Hymalayam. It is an undisputed fact that Amma considered everyone as her child.

Amma would not have chosen Hyma for the role, had she thought of Hyma like any one of us. Amma looked for a recipient equivalent to her own Self. Such a container should be able to receive the energies transmitted by Amma. It also can be presumed that Hyma has been groomed all through her earthly life to fulfill this divine role.

It is like Amma creating from her own body an element and naming it as Hyma. Many could intuitively sense the divine traits of Hyma right from her childhood. As Amma knew all along the divine role Hyma had to play. Instead of alleviating the disease and suffering of Hyma, she merely stood as a witness to her suffering and unfolding of further events. After the awareness of Hyma became universal crossing the limited boundaries of body, during the process of consecration, Amma’s demeanor got radiantly transformed and the atmosphere was so surcharged that hundreds of persons could sense that it was an epochal event.

Thus, Hymalayam is a shrine carved by Amma with an image embodying the Divine Energy. Sadhana done in the precincts of Hymalayam will take the Sadhaka to higher stages as the Shakti of Amma has been enshrined here by Amma herself.

As the Sadhaka has to progress from physical to metaphysical and spiritual levels, Shakti Kshetram like Hymalayam is maintained with devotion and by observance of austerities carefully. For many, it is an energy center!

At each spiritual center, there is a certain vibration and the Sadhaka will have to tune his being to that momentum. Conscious and sincere efforts are needed to achieve this and a casual attitude that the divine will take care of everything including our

Sadhana will not help. A wide range of persons starting with spiritual novices to intense and advanced Sadhakas come to jillellamudi to gain the grace of Amma and Hyma to progress in their spiritual pursuits.

If We can abide in ourselves, it is the ultimate meditative state. As such, one should not stop at the worship of images. With suitable and practicable sadhana, each one will have to cultivate an expansive mind from which noble thoughts emanate. Effort should be made to increase the gap between one thought and the next one, for, the thoughts become the Sankalpas for the welfare of all.

With this kind of approach, the very way of living has to be transformed as Sadhana, as Hyma has shown the way to the seekers.

  1. 34. Several of my doubts have been cleared by your clear exposition on Hymalayam. How should We understand this sacrifce?
  2. It is not a sacrifice. It is a sanction.
  3. We observe that the divine name (namam) of Amma – ‘Jayaho Matha Sri Anasuya, Raja Rajeswari, Sri Paratpari’, is sung continuously in the precincts of Hymalayam. What is the significance of the Namam?

Amma’s gloried name that reverberates in the hearts of millions of persons and chanted continuously at jillellamudi;

“Jayaho Matha Sri Anasuya,

Raja Rajeswari, Sri Paratpari”

Namam represents divinity in the world of names and forms. If we analyze the words, Jaya means victory. This word Jaya was very – fondly used by sage Veda Vyasa in the epics Bharatam and Bhagavatam. When we say Jaya ho Matha, we beseech the divine mother’s grace for our victories. We seek the grace of the Divine Mother in the form of Anasuya Devi for health, wealth, long life and fame.

The word ‘Sri’ in the phrase Sri Anasuya is significant in many respects. Sri comprises the root vibrations (bijaksharas) of ‘Sa’ representing wisdom, (Sarada Devi the goddess of learning), ‘Ra’ representing wealth (Rama Devi, the goddess of wealth) and I indicating Energy (Shakti). Thus the three forms of feminine principles precede the divine name Anasuya the Mother of mothers.

One more parallel is the Anasuya Matha, wife of sage Atri and mother of Dattathreya. Lord Dattathreya is the masculine force presiding over Kali Yuga and Anasuya Devi who is the mother of even Dattathreya is the presiding feminine deity of Kali Yuga. In other words, since the creation, existence and dissolution manifested as her infants, she cuddled them as Anasuya Devi.

The phrase Raja Rajeswari is found in the ‘Bhuvaneshwari Mantra’. The relevant Sloka starts with the words ‘Raja Rajarchitha’, is the one who is worshiped by Sadasiva. He is the Kameswara, who presides over our thoughts and desires.

He is Lord Shiva. Siva also worships Sakti. Raja Rajeswari denotes the state of the goddess Lalitha in the form of Mother. Such a motherly form is Amma! She can bestow us the abilities to overcome sorrows and the power to break the webs of desires. She blesses us with wealth and wisdom.

The word Paratpari is derived from ‘Parath’ meaning (the highest), Lord Iswara who is the form of Purusha (male), Stree (female) as well as Jada (inert). In the Hindu tradition, there is nothing ungodly. A mountain, tree, bird, river everything is contemplated as the form of god. This part of the divine name reminds us of the all-pervasive nature of the divine principle.

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