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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2019

(continued from last issue)

  1. 36. Coming to some aspects which are freely discussed but widely misunderstood, how Amma tried to convey the concept of God? The answers Amma gave to different people seemed to be at variance in this matter.
  2. Any advice from a master to a disciple is meant for that particular disciple, for that particular occasion and at that moment. We often generalize it and take it as advice meant for all Sadhakas for all times. And in doing so, we err. That is why it is said that we should personally go to masters to seek their guidance and instruction.
  3. 37. Many saints and saintly persons like Avadhutendra Saraswati Swamiji, Swami Poornananda, Sri Lakshmana Yateendrulu, Sri Ranganna Babu, Sadguru Sri Sivananda Murty visited her. How the spiritually evolved personalities perceived Amma?
  4. All the elevated souls, just mentioned, virtually visited Amma. Why they visited despite already being elevated is the question. The answer is simple and straight. To have a feel of confirmation of their elevation and to get fine tuned!
  5. 38. Whether the Arena exhibited any Siddhis? What are her views on this issue?
  6. Amma however gave little importance to miracles and discouraged people from coming to her for that reason. Many of the wonders that happen around her are likely to have been caused by the confluence of the devotee’s faith and trustful openness.

Q39. Now, I begin to understand that Amma seems to have made efforts to appear very ordinary while she is all powerful in human form. What is her central message to the Sadhakas?

  1. The teaching of non-duality is the highest manifestation of spiritual thought and can be found in all of the world’s great religions. But such teachings were suspect if not properly understood and followed. In fact, rigid religious institutions persecuted the Pravaktas more than following them. Mother, as we observed earlier, has come to redeem the human and not the religion. Her words and actions seem to gently coax an aspirant to perceive ‘All as One’ and transcend the dualities.

‘Fully baked ‘is homogenous. Half baked is heterogeneous’.

  1. 40. Now, coming to the youth of present times who regard technology also as a religion and want an objective proof for everything in What way Amma’s teachings can appeal to them?
  2. There is no conflict between science and spirituality. Spiritual science too can be objectively verified provided the tenets of spirituality are followed. Since Amma blithely did not teach anything without first testing. Her teachings eminently appeal to the scientific temperament.
  3. 41. Whether Amma established any educational institutions to groom children to become youth imbibing values and to evolve as better citizens?
  4. Matrusri Vidya Parishat, the educational wing of Sri Viswajanani Parishat came into existence under the divine guidance of Amma with the above objectives.

Amma established Matrusri Oriental College during 1971 and later Matrusri Sanskrit Pathshala under the aegis of Matrusri Vidya Parishat. There is growing interest world-wide to know and understand the message of Vedas. Study of Sanskrit and other oriental languages will open the doors not only to have a glimpse of the ancient knowledge in its pristine form but enables the earnest student to imbibe the message.

The educational institutions at Jillellamudi are not mere academic centers imparting education for livelihood but aim to mold the attitude and behavior of the students who imbibe positive values and become role models wherever they function.

The students participate in community service and spiritual programmes.

In keeping with Amma’s objectives, education, food and hostel facilities are provided free of cost which is helping indigent students from backward areas from all over the Telugu speaking states. Thousands of alumni of the Matrusri Oriental College are living contented lives, settled in respectable positions. They in turn are exerting positive influence in the society around them. All of them acknowledge that they are blessed with a life which is useful to them, to their families and to the society around which was possible with the education and grooming they received at Jillellamudi.

  1. 42. In what way Amma’s way of life is useful to the aspirants?
  2. Her sojourn on the planet earth is a message for all to follow and realize the Self.
  3. 43. Your association with Mother was when you were a boy of about 12 years. But after the Darshan of Amma, you had the Darshan of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba, interacted with him closely and spread the message of Swami in your countless Satsangs for over half a century. Do you find similarities in the teachings of Swami and Amma?
  4. Truth is One! It is told differently by the wise!

Ekam Sat! Vipra Bahudha Vadanti!

  1. 44. You often quote the words of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba that ‘All Gurus are One; But all are not Gurus’. Whether Amma is considered a Guru?
  2. As such, she is not a formal Guru in the normal sense. She expounded with expansiveness and hence is a preceptor par excellence. While being close and accessible to all, she was able to observe as a witness to what was going on around. Yet her ways were plain and simple. As such she is beyond the stipulations of any Asramam. (Ati Varnasrama). Above all, she is the embodiment of perfect womanhood.

Dressing a wounded dog with her silk sari, taking death and marriage with equanimity. declaring that death is also as joyful as new birth, exhorting nescience is also Brahman if knowledge is Brahman, explaining that married life is a wholesome Bhavana, propounding that each atom contains the same thing, saying that effort is that of Jiva and Propeller is God…

all these are indicators of the one who abides in Self and acts as a world teacher.

  1. 45. While on the subject of Guru disciple, there appear to be a profusion of self-styled Gurus. How can a sincere aspirant seek an exalted Guru who can give proper guidance?
  2. The real Guru is within. The aspirant’s sincere yearning itself shows him a Guru. Guru need not be a body. In Amma’s words, “Gurthu choopinchevade Guruvu”. Another practical saying of Amma is ‘Theliya cheppe vaadu Guruvu – Theliya chese vaadu Daivam’, (The one who shows the path and enlightens is Guru! The one who enlightens is God!) Thus there is a certain responsibility cast on the follower. If one follows the basic tenets of any righteous path meaningfully, a Guru would manifest and show the way.
  3. 46. If we consider Amma not as a mere Guru but an Avatara, whether Amma sought to bring about positive changes? In what ways?
  4. An Avatara descends on to this earth. Whenever Dharma is affected, the divine principle creates itself as an Avatara, redeems the generation and lays proper path for further generations. An Avatar’s movements are within the ambit of time, purpose, causation and work ought to be done. All Avatars are born. It is not a new thing, as Avatars come as Amsavataras’, Kalavataras’, Archa-vataras’, Prasannavataras’. ‘Anupravesavataras’, Avesavataras’ and in many other ways. It (advent) cannot be avoided. Amma’s arrival on this planet has a different dimension! If the movements of Amma could be observed and experienced with a mellowed heart, the reason that could be found behind Amma’s advent is the restoration of ancient Dharma.

All her concern is not for her but for the happiness of her children on a physical plane.

The mother’s principle is to console, guide and relieve all sorrows, fears and sufferings. Amma always felt it was her duty.

The mission of an Avatara is to show the way, teach about the goal and make the wayfarer to reach the destination. The path Amma treaded assures redemption to countless beings. Stepping on to that path is Sadhana! By repeating a Mantra and by following other austerities in the ways of Tantra and Yantra, desired results are obtained. But Amma made available directly the essence of Upasana granting close proximity and thus revealed mother’s Tattwa! Results are achieved by austerities such as fasting and worship and such results are given away to all the beings unconditionally. In fact, boons are sought and obtained. What is obtained without seeking is compassionate grace. This is called Karuna.

It is only due to mother’s blessings that longing becomes Tapas, awareness turns Jnana, Karmas get diminished. Bhakti which is likened to an unripe fruit becomes Jnana, a ripe fruit and human consciousness unites with that of the divine, as yoga. The blessings also bestow peace, contentment, equanimity, desirelessness, the states which lead ultimately to experience love. Thus with the positive changes in the psyche, great transformation takes place which can be perceived with humility and a sense of surrender.

(to be continued…)


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