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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2018

Q. Are there any aspects because of which she was worshiped as a Divine Being?

A. The following words of Amma answer your question.

“When the essential nature itself is love, how can there be love for one and not for another? It is loved by all. Love itself, is the Mother. Such Love is unchangeable and unwavering.

Look at that tree; It provides shade equally to all  to the good and bad.

Whatever kind of person he is, I must draw him near. I do not say that there are no dualities like good and bad, black and white, in this world; They are all equal. That is why I so gently chide even those whom you consider ‘bad’….

Mahatmas, Yogis, Siddhas and Gurus traversed the path of time. Amma loved everyone and treated them as her children. Even miscreants were transformed in course of time having bathed in the purifying stream of Amma’s compassion.

Q. When onwards Anasuya Devi was recognized and worshiped as Divine Mother by a large number of persons?

A. From the biography we understand that in her childhood and even at a tender age, her maternal grandfather Sri Chidambara Rao garu, her great grandmother Maridamma among her relatives recognized the child as precocious and having certain Divine qualities. In the world outside, even at the age of 4 or 5 two Police Men had certain extraordinary experiences. A Muslim person Moulali, a woman Syamala had many distinct experiences among others. However, a steady stream of visitors started pouring in from her 33rd year mostly by word of mouth, people from nearby villages and towns starting visiting her.

Q. We hear that Amma loved feeding everyone who came to her. What is the significance of this?

A. Those who came to Amma did not merely ingest food. The food offered with love leads to subtle changes in the individual at intellectual and subtler levels broadening and softening the person, transporting one from mere existential level to exalted state.

A tiny village became a nucleus for great reforms because of Amma. When we examine the times in which Amma led the life of a simple house wife in a remote village, over seven decades ago, the social conditions were not only conducive but hostile to the mission initiated by Amma. Amidst such unfavorable circumstances, the programmes Amma proposed and implemented were path breaking and unprecedented. I call them path making.

Despite the heavy odds, Amma laid the foundation for restoring amity and brotherhood. Satiating hunger is a dire necessity which cuts across religions. If hunger is satiated first, then the thoughts will be positive. Before aiming to reform the society, the individual is to be reformed. It is not to be measured in a time frame but when the destined time dawns, everything is accomplished.

Q. Annapurnalayam was started at Jillellamudi during 1958 and any one irrespective of caste, creed or religion can partake of food there freely. It is also said that hunger is the only qualification to take the sacred food in Annapurna layam. Please elaborate.

A. The noble qualities such as patience, peace and stability lead the person from bondage to a state of freedom, while living in the society enabling maintenance of cordial relations with humane thoughts. Mind is the reason for bondage and freedom. Hence the one who is desirous of salvation (Moksha) has to take care of the ‘Annamaya Kosa’ (sheath) first. That is why Amma fed people in the first place which retained Prana (vitality) and led to the efforts to contain the mind. Though the process appeared casual, behind the affectionate feeding there is a profound spiritual teaching.

The haves should bear the onerous responsibility of the have-nots, at any cost.

Food instigates thought…..

Thought translates into expression….

Expression inspires all around…

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