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Volume Number : 2
Month : February
Issue Number : 11
Year : 1968


IN the morning. Mother, while speaking to one of the brothers, explained that only one who, under all circumstances and at all times-in pleasure and in pain-is behind us is the true friend; that God alone is such a friend. Incidentally, bother Gopal recounted how Mother’s body was so delicate that even the petals of the flowers with which she was worshipped used to leave their impress on it. But some times, even the severest pinch did not draw her attention to it; at other times, even in deep sleep, she would wake up at the slightest stir.


Mother had a sudden attack of cold. Within half an hour i grew worse. Even breathing was hard. Then a young inhabitant of the Ashram offered some unripe fruits of zezyphus to Mother. This fruit tends to aggravate cold. One of the brothers tried to pre vent Mother from eating them. But She said to the girl: “Girls, you should not eat them. Because you sleep in the cold and bathe in cold water; it will effect you. But this cold which ought to have attacked you has effected me-How strange? -though I sleep within!” So saying, she ate all the fruits.


Mother got up from bed only by noon and sat in the ball just for a few minutes. A muslim by name Khaleel visited Mother. He said that with Mother’s kumkum he is able free people of ail ments, possessions etc. Though a muslim, he insists on Mother, applying kumkum to his forehead.


Though suffering from fever and congested lungs herself. Mother examined the X-ray photograph of one of the ailing inmates of the Ashram. She sent him to Chirala for treatment. Devotees went on paying their respects to her and she went on speaking with them with great difficulty.


Out of her anxiety to relieve Mother from cold, one of the attendants administered a very heavy dose of a drug that was sent by one of Mother’s devotees. Within minutes the body of Mother became stiff and numb. Though worried at first, our father Si Nageswara Rao went on rocounting how Mother’s body showed my sterious immunity to drugs and poisons in the past. Soon Mother was all right. She allowed herself to be worshipped by visitors. A doctor who came in the evening told everyone that even a diluted dose of the same drug killed a patient at the Guntur Hospital.

On 9th and 10th there were heavy rains. Yet visitors conti nued visiting Mother on 11th and 12th.


A lady came from Gudivada. She expressed her vague but intense yearning for ‘something higher to Mother. She added that she believes that the Lord Himself came to her in the form of her husband.


The lady said to Mother: “Mother they say that whenever we visit a great one, we should wish for something. I beg you to grant good health to my husband”.

“Do you strongly believe that your husband is the Lord Him self?” asked Mother. ‘Yes’ replied the lady. “If the Lord ails, whose remedy does He need? If that faith is strong in you, you need nothing.” Mother replied and added: “If you say that the Lord came in the forin of your husband, it amounts to your making light of your husband. You better believe that your husband is God”.


The girls in the Ashram were busy decorating houses with gobbis of cowdung to celebrate the auspicious Dhanurmasa. Mother came out promptly by 7 A.M. After the puja, offerings were distri buted to the devotees.


Mother answered the question of a visitor about varnasrama dharma at great length and concluded that it depends on the social order that prevails and that the dharmas are changing. She said that it is not possible for anyone to follow the path of righteousness in this dark age and none can be blamed for his failure.


During the puja, some devotees brought a lady from Guntur. On seeing Mother, she said, “Pardon me Mother! For, I left without your permission on my previous visit”. After puja, her husband told Mother that the lady was seeing Mother everywhere, ever since she visited Mother earlier, and she could neither eat nor sleep. Mother asked that lady: “Why should you be afraid if I appear? Do you wish I should not appear?”

“No Mother! How can I live without seeing you? But if you appear all the time, I can’t withstand!” She replied. Morther: “If I appear, you see me. After all, that’s what’ everyone here wishes for. But why do you make a fuss of it?”

Late in the evening, when Radhakrishnareddy was chanting Mother’s name, one of the visitors casually said that now-a-days eye sight can be restored to the blind through surgery. Immediately, the blind devotee replied, bursting with emotion: “I neither need the sight nor your advice. If you are desirous of helping me, tell me how I can burn out my body with the chanting of Mother’s name!”


On hearing that a child was ailing in the house of one of the inmates of the ashram, Mother sent word to the village doctor. When he came, she told him how he should prepare the medicine. Everyone was surprised to note Mother’s thorough knowledge of medicine.


During her bath, Mother recounted to one of the ladies attending on her, how once a beggar who was tended by Mother when he was laid up with smallpox tried to rob her of a necklace. The narration was interrupted.


One Sri Sambamurthy from Madras visited Mother with his wife and her sister. They knew little Telugu. As they recounted all their problems in Tamil. Mother listened to them attentively. When someone tried to translate for Her, Mother herself told him in Telugu what they said in Tamil.

At noon, in the course of her talk, Mother said, addressing everyone there, in a spirit of challenge: “I am telling all of you commit murders, play cards, drink, commit theft, behave immorally! …Even then, not a fool comes forward saying, ‘I’ll do! Yet none can reconcile himself to the fact that there is nothing in his hands… poor fellows… poor fellows…!!”


Speaking to one of the visitors who had been to several holy places and saints, Mother remarked about such miracles as materi alising sacred ashes, camphor etc. : “All these are not more mira culous than this Creation. The development of pollen inside flowers, and the development of the fcetus in the womb are in fact more miraculous. After the conversation, the visitor remarked: “I have read so many Sastras but there’s none who explained to me so lucidly. Nor did I find this peace and bliss near anyone, though I visited so many saints.” So saying, he porstrated before her.


Mother said to Nityagopal, the son of Sri Adapa Ramakrishna Rao: “Are you leaving for Hyderabad today?” “Yes”, he said with a sad face. “When someone asked you to sit aside, you didn’t move because you wouldn’t be able to see me. Then how can you stay at Hyderabad without seeing me?” said Mother. The boy imme. diately started sobbing and he could not be consoled. “Will you take me to Hyderabad?” asked Mother, Yes” he said. as he forced a smile. Everyone laughed. “If I came to Hyderabad, do I not feel lonely if you leave for your school?” asked Mother. “I will stop attending the school’, he answered assuringly.

January ’68.

On the midnight of 31st December, the New Year was ushered in by Mother with the ringing of a huge bell (3 feet high and 2 fe wide. Later, puja was offered to her. Mother distributed sweets, biscuits and tea. Some of the visitors got their New Years’ diaries autographed by her.

From about 8 a. m. till noon Mother sat near Smt. Venka. yamma who was ailing. Her condition was serious. The daily worship of Mother was performed there itself. Mother visited her again in the night. Mother began to speak with us and with her. remarking on the change of her condition. Mother hinted that her end was close. At about 10 p. m., Mother started arranging for her obsequies! When someone expressed surprise, Mother said with a smile: “It’s just a matter of change of date!”. Precisely by 12-25 a. m. Smt. Venkayamma expired.


Mother joined brother Satyam in cremating the dead body. She set fire to the pyre with lighted camphor. Then, Mother proceeded with all the inmates of the Ashram to the canal. After hath Mother distributed boiled rice with curds. It was 3 p. m. by the time we returned home.


Namasapthaha (incessant chanting of Mother’s name for seven days) was commenced by a group of devotees. It is to be completed by 14th, the auspicious day of Samkranti (15th January). When one of the visitors, a lady, complained of her sufferings, mother smiled and said: “No one is free from suffering. We have come for that, child.. Where is activity without Pain? The blows of a chisel are necessary to make a piece of art out of a rock.” “With all this suffering, we hope we merge in you in the end” remarked the visitor. That is always there. Nothing can prevent it. not your merging in me; I merge you in myself.” It is

Sadhus who came to attend a conference of Swamijis visited Mother. Among them, a lady requested Mother to write something in her book. Mother wrote ‘Amma’ in Telugu, in four different ways. Asked for their meaning, she said: “Letters differ and so does pronounciation. But meaning is the same: The Infinite, Basis of All.”


The auspicious day of Mukkoti Ekadasi commenced with ceremonial opening of the doors at 5-15 A. M. The sight of Mother at that moment is a revelation. Her feet were washed with milk and worship was done. The second anniversary of the Sanskrit school was celebrated. The head of the institution said in his speech, that the quick mastery of this difficult language by the young girls was due to Mother’s grace. The pupils were made to exhibit their command of Sanskrit before they received merit certificates from Mother.


Harikathas (stories of Lord Vishnu) were recited by bards since 10th. A blind man from Ponnur performed devotional dance before Mother. Mother watched him with pleasure when he danced like Anjaneya. Later, pretending to go for her nightly bath, Mother joined the troupe which was chanting the divine name, unnoticed.

She joined them in chanting for two hours. The rare event was photographed.


The namasapthaha was concluded on the last day of Dhanurmas (one of the sacred lunar months) which coincided with the festival of Bhogi.

That night, Mother was worshipped with flowers, fruits and leaves. Later, Mother offered worship to Sri B. Nageswara Rao, our father Later some of the colour slides taken by Sri Adapa Rama. krishna Rao were exhibited.


The festival of Samkranti was celebrated by a big gathering of devotees. After puja, Mother released the new book namely the first volume of Mother’s biography. “Matrusri Jeevitha Mahodadhilo Tarangalu”. Several distinguished visitors spoke on that occasion,

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