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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2019

This little self did see THEE that momentous day,

 Could find the real mother in you that day,

 Yet could perceive the ‘Brahman’ truly,

 Verily could find both in ‘THEE’ the very moment.

Could witness that you locked within the incredible,

 Unfathomed Ocean of grief; the other side could 

Playfully adorn the boundless joy of eternal bliss.

 Truly ‘THOU’ is but the incredible combination of both dualities

 Being the holiest of the holiest adorning the pinnacle of chastity.

Truly gather that ‘YOU’ are the very right, equally so the wrong

 Containing both opposites, conducting both on this earth,

 If so for us ‘YOU’ cause the wise eye opening within; 

‘YOU’ are the birth, quite the death too, causing both

 Blessed us duly by giving us birth; yet grace us by granting

 The ultimate freedom from bondage, the true bliss for this being, 

Perched at your feet in your benign dispensation of all 

Human destinies either today or the tomorrow

 Eventually as your grace causes and deems fit.

YOUR gentle smile authors the beauty of life’s volition,

 Laughingly gazed at the calamitous times which befall 

The worlds, viewed both evenly, within being the reigning

 Cause of both calm, the storm; the tumultuous chaos, 

The beautiful bounteous bliss, both dawning here;

 Having found in ‘THEE’ the true cause of these dualities 

Tormenting us, beseech THY soothing, timeless ‘GRACE’.


This is the timeless tribute from Brother Raju on the remarkable, historic, pensive day, the 17th February, 1981. This day, as is now known in history, AMMA consecrated NANNAGARU in the sanctum of ANASUYESWARALYAM. For all the devotee children of AMMA, this event’s climax is unforgettable and touches the core within, the heart and soul. Most of us are insecure, apprehensive of AMMA’S emergence from the temple in the normal self being closely attached to both AMMA and NANNAGARU.

As the personified cosmic force conducting the overall destiny of this universe beset with multiple worlds. AMMA completed the process in perfection granting the divine presence of NANNAGARU for all of us for all times that HE could grace us. Bless us from the altar of ANASUYESWARALYAM as JAGADEESWARA.

Despite all our concerns on this occasion AMMA endured such unfathomed grief and also granted the bliss and source of bliss in the same sanctum of ANASUYA SWARALAYAM.

Here as the mother AMMA suffered, gone through ills and ailments remedying the beloved children. As a dutiful wife and committed spouse cared for NANNAGARU till the very end deifying him, redefining the laws of chastity that the wife shall care for the husband till the very end not longing for an exit before the husband as is deemed in the convention.

The person could behold AMMA in both grief and bliss causing both evenly in this world. Thereby conveying to us joy and sorrow are but the inevitable dualities of this mundane life to be undergone equally with little choice and in mature, stoic equanimity. It is wise to understand that AMMA is the true cause of both which emanate from HER always, with AMMA herself being no exception.

This fact is confirmed beyond doubt on that occasion. AMMA showed the nama NITHYA KHLINNA’ in Lalitha Sahasram to one brother (Late Kesava Sarma), much overcome and disturbed by grief on the occasion. As is contained in such specific nama, AMMA undergoes both, makes no option, choice between either, accepting the same as they occur, befall on ‘HER’ every day on earth.

To elaborate this vein of thought further, we are far too possessed with the sense of right and the wrong. Here it is exposed that AMMA is the author of both, could cause either or both in life. Such awareness causes a sense of unity within us. Bestowing such knowledge on us causes us the eye opening within much needed to conduct ourselves evenly and pass through with unruffled equanimity at all times both good and bad. In the process, we’re getting inclined to accept the sense of right and wrong in this world which are but relative to time and space.

Granting these premises, we are born and also cease to be at some given moment without choice. If so birth and death the twin points of entry and exit into this world are also caused by AMMA. She causes both, conducts this creation and the ceaseless cosmic process.

Given this reality, Brother Raju prays that AMMA has given us birth. Much more so we are fortunate that we could be here along with her during AMMA’S times and HER physical form which are exceptional and augur well, purposive for all of us, the lesser mortals. Having said this and accepted this reality, we pray AMMA; pine for the bliss of freedom from bondage of this world finally merging in AMMA having emanated from HER.

Even so, such moments of positive, final bliss are not immediate but awaiting us. Till such a positive end, the person has to conduct himself, lead the life in this world of tumult, turmoil, discord, storm and also the occasional calm. The tempest, as also the soothing mercy shower on the person alternately. Both form an inevitable portion of grace that has to be accepted, welcomed and undergone by the individual with little exception, choice.

Here again, the individual understands, nearing AMMA, seeing HER she is the cause and the author of both. HER gentle smile causes the volition of bliss. HER laughing disdain causes the tumult of storm, the discord and the suffering. Within AMMA is the cause of blissful volition and the disturbing odds too. The person has to go through his given karmic lot that is bestowed on him by none else but the very AMMA.

When these truths are realized by the lesser mortal, he beholds AMMA in the correct perspective in all the dimensions of life, death and truth timeless. The ego is diluted and dissipated. Beholding AMMA, finding the true self within as also without in HER motherly loving presence, beseeches AMMA as the ultimate recourse for salvation, release from all the dualities and mundane fetters.

Pray AMMA BLESS us for such true understanding and abject surrender at HER holy feet.

(Adapted from the Song, No.50 ‘ChoosanuAanadu’ in Page 54, of the work ‘ANUBHAV ASARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers AVR Subramaniam and Ravuri Prasad.

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