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Birthday Celebrations of Sri Hymavati Devi

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2003

Sixty years in one’s life has a special significance in the Hindu tradition. Sri Hymavati Devi has completed 59 years and entered 60th year on 26th November. Though she left her physical body 34 years ago, this Birthday is all the more important in view of her ascent to Divinity, answering prayers of many devotees, some of whom have not even had the opportunity to see her in the physical form.

The celebrations this year were held on a grand scale both in terms of the kinds of worship as well as the decor and illumination arranged in and around the Hymalayam. As during the past years “Hymavathi Janayitri Vratam” was arranged this year also for couples, commencing from the Karthika Poornima (the full moon day in the Lunar month of Karthik) day, the 19th November,2002 to go on till 26th November.

But more important, deeply religious with significance is the performance this time of a special Homam called ‘Beejokta Sri Sukta Homam’ by those who had recited the Sri Suktam along with the ‘Beejaksharas’ 1000 or 500 times everyday for 40 days. This Homam was undertaken at the instance of brother Tangirala Kesava Sarma of Visakhapatnam and was performed for 3 days from 24th November. The Homam was concluded with ‘Poornahuti on 26th November through the benign hands of the newly adorned pontiff and the chosen successor to the Siddheswari Peetham at Kutralam (in the state of Tamilnadu), Sri Sri Siddheswarananda Bharathi Swami (familiar to everybody earlier as Prasadaraya Kulapati).

The event that caught the imagination of devotees who thronged there and drew towards it is the performance of ‘Lalitha Koti Namarchana’ (Reciting the Lalitha Sahasra namam 10,000 times, which is equivalent to one crore or Koti) collectively. Though this: program commenced almost on schedule at around 7.30 a.m, it was only after around 10.0 a.m. the number of participants had reached to near about 800, including the students of the Matrusri Oriental College and the school on the premises. By noon the gathering rose to more than 1000. In spite of the presence of devotees in such a large number, the time had to be extended beyond 6.0 p.m. to reach the target and it was completed by 7.30 p.m.. to the satisfaction and happiness of one and all present there. The Recitation, which could have been completed by 6.0 p.m. was delayed, largely due to the inability of the organizers to stick to the original schedule and interrupting this program with another function, equally important though, at 12.30 p.m. which was actually scheduled for around 5.0 p.m., thus breaking the momentum and enthusiasm of the participants who were very keen to complete it well on time..

That brings us to the function that is worthy of the occasion and that goes to the credit of the President of the SVJP. The function in point is the release of the book in Telugu titled ‘MatruSri Jeevital Mahodadhi Tarangalu’ (literally translated into English it is “Waves in the Ocean of Life of Matru Sri’) reprinted, combining the three volumes of the same title printed in the past and which are out of stock now, into a single volume, thanks to the efforts of brother B.Ramabrahmam, the present President of the SVJP. This book was released by Mr.Brahmandam Ravindra Rao, affectionately called as Ravi, in the august presence of Sri Sri Siddheswrananda Swami who delivered his message, after a brief talk by Ravi. Ravi, during his talk, narrated an incident relating to Amma in the early 60s to which he happened to be a direct witness. Once, out of curiosity to know what Mother was doing, he entered the anteroom during night when he saw brother Bhaskara Rao sitting on the floor and writing down something. But to his utter surprise while he saw Mother’s lips moving as if speaking something to Bhaskara Rao as he went on writing, he could not hear a single word!! Swamiji, dwelling at length on the spiritual significance of the place, told the gathering that Mother was ever present there and she very much responds to our call if only we beckon her with all the intensity of love and sincerity.

The Hymalayam came to full life during the night, with all the illumination inside and on the exterior and the decoration in the interior with colorful bulbs, balloons, candle lights etc, thoughtfully brought by brother Basavaraju from Hyderabad. Small cup-candles were arranged in the fore-court of Hymalayam and facing the Idol of Hyma, in the shape of Heart (symbolizing our love) with colorful letters arranged, greeting Hyma on her 60th Birthday.

The evening puja to Hyma concluded with offering of 60 different types of sweets and snacks representing 60 years of her life and later with 10 types of Aaraties. The festivity of the occasion was there in all its splendor during the entire evening.

The Road Transport Corporation extended their cooperation by playing few additional trips to cater to the needs of the traveling public on this day.

Special appreciation should go to the students (both boys and girls) of the MatruSri Oriental College & the school who participated in every activity, particularly, the Koti Namarchana and serving food to hundreds of devotees on that day during dining.

In Hyderabad :

For the convenience of those devotees who were unable to go to Jillellamudi for participation in the Birthday celebrations, a Puja program was arranged in Hyderabad in the house of Siri Pulipaka Sreerama Murty on behalf of the local Seva Samithi. The Puja started with the Recitation of Lalitha Sahasranamam by all those who attended. Later, all the brothers and sisters performed puja to Amma and Hyma as the Lalitha Ashtothara Shatanamavali & Ambika Ashtotharam were being chanted. This was followed by offering to Hyma a Birthday cake and a Bouquet brought by brother Dr. P. Venkatanarayana and concluded with Aarati and chanting of Mantra Pushpam.

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