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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2019

In the year 1980, AMMA paid a visit to Hyderabad and stayed in the house of Sri Rajagopalachari garu, a devotee of AMMA. This trip was an outcome of continuous persuasion by Nannagaru (AMMA’s husband Sri Nageswara Rao garu) that SHE should consult most senior specialist Doctors for treatment of her Lung congestion and uninterrupted bouts of cough. Her severe suffering made Nannagaru insist on the specialized treatment and as Amma can never say ‘no’ to Nannagaru’s desire, she agreed. However, SHE insisted that since several people visit during her stay, food shall be provided to whoever visits HER abode during the entire period. After assurance by brother Kondamudi Ramakrishna, (who was at the helm of the affairs of Sri Viswajanani Parishat), that AMMA’s prasadam (food) will be served to all the visitors, the trip materialized.

The course of treatment and the experiences SHE gave to experts in the Medical field needs elaboration at some other context.

I was one of those fortunate children of AMMA who stayed with HER. I shifted to Rajagopalachari garu’s house and used to go to my house at Santoshnagar colony, Hyderabad only for urgent necessities and served HER to the best of my ability, including attending AMMA throughout the night.

In spite of HER severe ill-health, SHE gave Darshan to people and food was served to one and all.

As AMMA rarely moved out of Jillellamudi many of our devotee brothers and sisters felt that this rare opportunity should be availed by inviting AMMA to their respective homes and perform Pooja. AMMA’s compassion over ruled HER health condition and visit to somebody’s home or the other became almost a daily routine. SHE would not hesitate to go out even after ten in the night. Even after many such trips, as a witness to HER severe suffering I preferred NOT to burden HER with a request for a visit to my house.

On one evening myself and brother Kondamudi Ramakrishna were seated on the floor; either side of Amma’s chair in close proximity. Nobody was in the room and the calmness was bliss. Suddenly AMMA pointing one finger to me turned towards brother Ramakrishna and said “We should visit this fellow’s house though he has not invited” (in Telugu SHE said Manam veedi intiki Vellali raa. Veedu Pilavakapoyinasarey). It was a surprise for me and I had to fumble for words. However, regaining composure. I started offering explanations in an apologetic tone by saying “No AMMA, it’s not at all like that. Seeing your unbearable suffering day in and day out, I did not want to give any more trouble to you.” “.In reply, AMMA said “Don’t say anything. I am coming” (In Telugu: Nuvvu Emi Cheppaddu Ra…. Nenu Vasthanu). I had no choice. But who will not be thrilled when AMMA visits their house?

We made arrangements for AMMA’s visit on the scheduled day and I invited my relatives and friends. One of the invitees was Sri Prasada Rao who was staying at Vijayanagar Colony and a close friend of my cousin sister Anasuya. Here Prasada Rao garu needs a little introduction. He was an employee of the State Government and came in contact with the family of my cousin’s sister for some of his official work. This transformed into friendship and regular visits. Though he was not from Higher caste, he was a believer of GOD. During one of his visits, looking at the Photo of Sri Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam he enquired all about him with my cousin sister(Anasuya). She had in turn narrated all about Raghavendra Swamy. A few days later Prasada Rao told Anasuya that he is deeply interested to worship Raghavendra Swamy and asked her to give relevant Mantra and procedure as he is totally unaware of the same.She was impressed with his sincerity and told him Raghavendra Swamy’s meditation Sloka “Poojyaya Raghavendraya Satya Dharma Rathayacha, Bharatham Kalpavruksha Namatham Kamdhenave”. With absolute belief that this is the most sacred and the highest Mantra he started chanting with full sincerity and faith. As days and months rolled on, he started having Darshan of Raghavendra Swamy in his dreams. Later Swamy started talking to him in his dreams. This went to such a stage where Swamy started teaching him how to wear a Dhoti and wear Gopichandannamams/Mudras and entire procedures of performing perfect Poojas/Abhishekams as per Madhwa traditions through his dreams. Such spiritual practices occupied several hours for him. Ultimate level that he reached is when he could hear Swamy’s voice and could converse with Swamy!

When I had invited him to come to our house for Darshan of Amma he said “Nothing is in my hands. I will ask Swamy. If he gives permission, I will definitely come”. I did not persuade him further.

AMMA’s visit to my house is the most memorable event where we worshipped AMMA to our Heart’s content. Many of our friends, relations had Darshan and partook Prasadam through HER divine hands. SHE stayed at our house for many hours. Unexpectedly SHE made her way into our Pooja room and stood there for several minutes. I spotted Sri Prasada Rao garu among the visitors but could not speak to him at that moment.

After a couple of days I went to the house of Prasada Rao and thanked him for honouring my request and visiting my house for Amma’s Darshan. His reply was as follows:

“Don’t thank me. Nothing is in my hands. In my Pooja I asked Raghavendra Swamy whether I can go for AMMA’S Darshan. I heard Swamy’s voice saying “SHE is ADI PARASHAKTHI. Go without fail. Have Darshan ”. (In Telugu Swamy’s words were Aame Adi ParaShakthi Raa. Tappakunda Vellu. Darshanam Chesuko). I followed Swamy’s instructions and I went for Her Darshan at your home. At that period, I was in a particular Vratam, in which I should not consume any fruit that contains seeds. I had an interesting experience when I visited AMMA. Though there were several sweets, savouries as Prasadam for distribution by AMMA, SHE very casually without looking at the basket where there were many kinds of fruits, picked up a fruit and handed over to me as Prasadam, placing kumkum bottu (Tilak) on my forehead. On return to my house, I was thrilled to see that this fruit is without any seeds in it!! Who told AMMA about me and my Vratam? SHE knows everything. SHE is DEVI. I am highly blessed to have HER Darshanam.”

I was speechless to hear the above. With the above experience I felt that:

1) The Almighty (whichever name and form you worship) only counts upon your faith.devotion and sincerity and not caste or religion. 

2) Every word or syllable depicting the GOD is sacred and powerful.

3) Whichever form you worship it’s ONE and THE SAME. THAT’S WHY AMMA SAID: UNNADANTA OKKATE NANNA.


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