Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : September
Issue Number : 4
Year : 1966

(Mother is one of the rarest manifestations of the Reality. Her words are as much a commentary of what She is as She is a living commentary of her own teachings. Such are some of her sayings given here. – Editor)

  1. If dualities are recognised as Brahman, it is Brahmananda itself.
  2. Thoughts arise of their own accord.
  3. As within, so without.
  4. Pain is no pain if it is experienced with joy.
  5. Forgetfulness is necessary to Man.
  6. To err is human.
  7. The changing alone is the Mind; the changing is God alone. un
  8. There is no God without Man.
  9. Every word will become a Mantra through mindfulness.
  10. The very action of Intelligence is to Know.
  11. Man thinks that he is pleasing the world only when he is pleasing himself.
  12. Death is better than a life devoid of suffering.
  13. The indescribable alone is a Blessing.
  14. Work is worship.
  15. He who can eat anything alone is Bhikshu.
  16. The Will seeming to be two fold is human. nature; the Will that alone Is is divinity.
  17. Perceiving duality is Ignorance. Recognizing all as One is Knowledge.
  18. Divinity manifests itself in us as long as we perceive divinity in others.

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