Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : August
Issue Number : 3
Year : 1966

[Mother is one of the rarest manifestations of the Reality. Her words are as much a commentary of what She is as She is a living commentary of her own teachings. Such are some of her sayings given here. – Editor]

  1. Bestowing the nearness of God is Initiation.
  2. Necessity itself is valuable.
  3. Knowing the Eternal alone is Truthfulness.
  4. Only the Real can know the real cause.
  5. Experience betows Faith; faith cannot bestow Experience.
  6. Darkness itself is the basis of Light.
  7. Anger is one of the manifestations of Love itself.
  8. Darkness is like Illusion.
  9. Light is like Knowledge.
  10. Ignorance will be destroyed by ignorance only.
  11. The Self must be Known through the self only
  12. there is no support, courage comes of it’s own accord.
  13. Want of courage itself is the source of courage.
  14. Worship of the form (of God) is for the sake of control (of the mind).
  15. That which dispels all Doubt alone is the real teaching (or message).
  16. The unpleasant is itself the difficult.
  17. Both affection and desire are based on desire only.
  18. When experience is put into words the reality gets concealed.
  19. Punishment means disciplining.
  20. The dualities must be conquered through dualism only.

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