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Dr Brahmandam Ranga Sai
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2023

“The whole event has been fantastic and definitely a land mark event. In several ways the team has excelled overall. Who ever involved in selecting the chair Sri K. Narasimha Murthy is the best thing they have done. He has vast experience and knows about Amma and organization very well. That gave a huge momentum. The formation of committees and regular zoom meetings with all the teams has been done professionally. The use of technology in all the administrative matters have made things easier and easily available to more participants. Lot of general population do not know an important part of how it all unfolded. The team with hardly five members on the ground like Giridhar Kumar, Sree Kanth, Kamaraju annayya, Sreemannarayana, Valluri Prem and may be few more are involved in construction projects also.

Last two years the scinario has changed in Jillellamudi. Girls hostel is complete and all the buildings were fixed for any repairs. Two major donors have come forward to build Guest house. It’s dream has come true, the rooms are great and have all modern facilities. There was a Sthupam constructed as a symbolic gesture for centenary. These works take huge amount of volunteer time. It’s almost impossible for a regular person to complete all of them by last week. This is an invaluable service few people on ground did. The roads were beautiful. Event decorations and setting up canteens and meeting stages are beautiful. Any one can easily say how much hard work went in to all this. It’s our duty to thank them for their commitment. Food team is marvelous. Three meals a day for all the people. Lunch and dinner were elaborate. The guests and their needs are met greatly. The organization put their heart and have done five days of function.

Amma’s life and teachings were elaborately brought to light by the speakers. A holy environment was created throughout the town. Swamijis from different ashrams were present and gave their message. Governor Dattatreya, ex- minister in AP Nannapaneni Rajakumari and Supreme Court justice and few other high ranking individuals were present with their assistants and security personnel. I can not imagine how much work and stress involved in hosting all these celebrities. Again the core team of 7/8 people pulled off the function.

Dharmasuri garu has hired several priests and did several homams daily for nine days. Strangely Amma temple and Hyma temple day to day Abhishekams were grandly organized and several Vedic pundits chanted veda. Though the committee has little focus or presence in Hymalayam and Anasuyeswaralayam by Amma’s grace a committed long time devotee was present and helped to fill the officers role and made it look more beautiful by arranging several lakhs of flowers.

The crowd management and parking was super. Cleanliness was clearly evident. More than all these these great devotees of Amma did several congregations in all prominent towns inviting great speakers. The whole of Andhra Pradesh was blessed by hearing about Amma after a long time.

The old students of oriental college were a big positive impact on the whole event. Hundreds of former students spent their money, resources and arranged annadanam and Amma’s introductory lectures in several villages as well. The cultural artists were great. The traditional Hari katha, burra katha, were arranged and the performances were marvelous. College girls every where and some new volunteers have helped all visitors and worked hard to provide all the devotees and guests what ever was needed. “At one point in the past a year ago I was worried about this celebration because covid had taken away almost two years of normalcy. Fund raisers were aggressive and received plenty of money to pay for expenses. “It’s like Mother entered all the key people just six months ago and gave them special gifts in their minds and graced Her presence indirectly at all preparations. On behalf of several thousand devotee children of Amma who eagerly waited for this occasion so long I thank all organizers. When Amma’s children arrived and saw the campus everyone was delighted and happily tearful. These many brothers and sisters across the globe met and had a blast and enjoyed each other’s Company. It’s a family reunion and reminded of big family wedding we meet all relatives and friends. I am deeply moved by the service of all the team, to mention few Narasimha Murthy annayya, Giridhar Kumar, Premkumar, Sri Kanth, Dinakar annayya, Sreemannarayana garu, Ramesh, Hyma, Vaidehi Vadina, Seshu Vadina, Subbalakshmi akkayya, Vani akkayya, Kamaraju garu etc,Mallapragada srimannarayana garu, AVR Subrahmanyam garu and VSR Murthy garu, Ramabrahmam garu, Madhavi akkayya. These people have worked day and night and made this function super success and blissfully divine.

Last thirty five years one person who has constantly guarded Mother’s legacy and kept the respect of organization at a higher level and worked hard to connect to people and did mathru tapassu silently, to him and his family we are all indebted and really grateful and will keep him in our hearts with thanks and love. That’s Ravi annayya. He is one who was born with great skills and patience and devotion to Mother. I thank him and prostate at him. Please forgive me if I have unintentionally omitted to mention and if I did not talk about centenary. May Amma, Hyma, Nanna Garu bless us all with long life, healthy life and life with joy. Let all Gods bless us to have strong faith on Amma and worship Her with love. Let all Gods bless us and the organization. This is a start of a happy journey for Jillellamudi

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