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Conditions to Unconditional Love & Service

A. Anuradha
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2020

Way back in the late fifties, a young man in his twenties happened to meet an astrologer who predicted that “a lady would enter his life and change his destiny”. His friend teased him, “some benevolent rich lady will favor you and make you prosperous.”

Little did he know that a mother figure named ‘Brahmandam Anasuya’ popularly known as’ Jillellamudi Amma’ would enter his life much against his will and change his destiny. This young man was none other than late Sri A.S. Chakravarthy, fondly called, ‘Chakravarthy annayya of Vizag’ in Jillellamudi circle.

In the year 1971, his wife Kusuma’s cousin, Anjan Kumar Athreya was getting married in Jillellamudi. Chakravarthy annayya was not willing to attend the wedding, as he couldn’t accept the idea of worshiping a human being as a Goddess. Kusuma akkaya insisted that she would attend the wedding only if accompanied by her husband. After some arguments, Chakravarthy annayya had to give in to his wife’s wishes, but with three conditions:

  1. He would not address her as AMMA
  2. He would not fold his hands and do Namaskaram
  3. He would not allow her to put bottu on his forehead.

Kusumakkayya happily agreed to the conditions. Beyond attending the wedding, she yearned for her husband to have darshan of Amma. After the wedding ceremony, the couple along with the groom’s mother, Smt. Aka Satyavathi (known as Sathya akka) went into AMMA’s room for darshan.

Seeing the couple sitting on either side of her, AMMA asked them to sit together. Sathyala akkayya asked Sri Chakravarthy to allow Kusuma akkayya to stay back for one more day, for which AMMA reprimanded her saying, both had come together so she should ask both of them to stay back. She said to Chakravarty annayya, “if you don’t have any pressing commitments, it would be nice if both of you stayed back for a day.” Chakravarthy annayya could only say, “Sare AMMA ”. After spending some time in the Divine presence he paid obeisance at her feet (Pada Namaskar) and while taking leave, AMMA as usual took kumkum and put a Bottu-not her usual long one but just an arc between the eyebrows. Thus, all three conditions were violated, yet there was no complaint from Annayya’s side. A day after their return from Jillellamudi, Annayya complained to his wife, saying “Why is your Ammagaru not leaving me alone? She is continuously appearing to me like Kalimaatha.”

That’s it! With that, the person who very unwillingly accompanied his wife after having laid down conditions, surrendered himself totally to AMMA. Thus started a saga of devotion which lasted till his last breath on 31st August 2020. Joy or sorrow, good or bad, prosperity or adversity, he accepted everything as AMMA ‘daya’. The family members used to joke, “if we achieve anything, it’s all Amma daya and if we fail to do so, it is because of our own lack of effort.” A truly blessed soul, he felt AMMA’s divine presence in every moment of his life. This couple has always been utterly devoted to AMMA and every breath they take is filled with gratitude towards her. If AMMA asked him to jump down a tower or walk into a blazing fire he would do so unflinchingly, without the slightest hesitation. Such was his unwavering devotion and love for our Divine AMMA.

When Amma had visited his ancestral home in Machilipatnam, his siblings and he, along with their spouses, went from Vizag to receive AMMA and take her blessings. While Amma sat in her car ready to leave, he requested her to visit Vizag, for which AMMA promised him by placing her palm in his. In the year 1985 when AMMA left her physical form, Chakravarthy annayya was devastated and felt cheated that AMMA broke her promise. Little did he know then that AMMA would come to stay with him in Visakha Mandiram and bless everyone with her grace. People were welcome to his home and mandiram anytime and the couple would always welcome them saying “.Amma bandhuvulu, aatma bandhuvulu”. (Amma’s relatives are relatives of our souls)

Though he was in the business of manufacturing and promoting Allopathic medicines, he studied and practiced Homeopathy till his last, as AMMA once told him that she has faith in Homeopathy. He provided solace to many patients all over the world. He sent medicines free of cost to people and animals alike, not just within India but to other countries as well. He trod the path of selfless service and attributed that to AMMA. He was a loving father, uncle, brother, grandfather and great grandfather not only to his family but also to many others. He inspired and enthralled everyone with his utterly positive attitude, wit and humor.

AMMA must have told him that he would be leaving the earth shortly to reach Her loving divine lap in her heavenly abode. He totally dedicated every waking moment in the last fortnight of his life to reciting or listening to Lalitha Sahasranamam. He assured his brother, who visited him just a few hours before his last breath, that he was happy. He was a very lucky man to have Kusum Akkayya as his spouse/partner/soul mate. They both had a deep and strong connection and enjoyed their shared interests be it spirituality, cricket or TV. She not only introduced AMMA to him but also supported him in all his endeavors. AMMA’s Visakha Mandiram is their labor of love. They conceived the idea; made it a reality and nurtured it. She served and supported him like a true pativrata till his last breath. Now she takes care of the mandiram along with the Atma Bandhuvu, keeping him alive in spirit. No doubt it is AMMA’s immense grace that guided him all through his life. Though we all miss his physical presence, he continues to reside in the hearts of the numerous people he helped and will always be remembered as an embodiment of the true spirit of AMMA’s love.

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