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Conversations with Amma

Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : December
Issue Number : 5
Year : 2013

THE LEADING FORCE[Page 153, 154, 155]

Amma explains a few concepts in HER own way.

The divine force: 

There is a divine force which influences the individual life. It is this divine force which motivates you to meditate, which makes you feel thirsty for the divine nectar and creates the urge to know the ultimate Truth. The inability to do so is also because of this divine force.

The superior sadhana:

Sadhana varies from person to person, but there is nothing like superior or inferior sadhana. Whatever can be followed by an individual in letter and spirit and can lead him on the path of enlightenment is his true sadhana.

The role of a true guru:

The Hindu tradition deems the Guru as the very incarnation of God. His very utterance is a mantra. He shows the path, but the individual has to find his goal-alone and all by himself.

Pranayama;can everyone do it?

Pranayama had an adverse effect on one or two individuals and they narrated their problems. Such people should not go in for any sadhana. Amma says, ‘the mind can control the body and not vice versa. When your desire for the ultimate is ardent, you lose interest in the outside world; you become indifferent to everything other than your goal. Your sight, hearing, heart and mental faculties are concentrated on one focal point. When your spiritual quest is so unilateral, concentrated, you are in the direction.

Introspection does not mean turning your physical eye inward. It is searching the depths of your being, your thoughts. your emotions and finding Him

What is Gayatri?

A confluence of the senses of perception is Gayatri. Nature worship is also the same.

THE NEED FOR A GURU. [page 131]

What is the role of a Guru? Where can you find him? How far can he help you in your spiritual pursuits? Amma answers these questions of a devotee.

Brother-I am not able to pursue my spiritual goals. My domestic strings pull me away from them again and again.

Amma: If there are no strings, you are already liberated. Then you need not make any effort. What do you do for a living?

Brother; I am a businessman. But I want to renounce everything and pursue the Divine. I want to feel and experience the presence of God. What spiritual practices should I undertake?

Amma; There are many methods, many paths. But pursue the path that best appeals to you. You need not renounce anything. Family does not stand in the way of your liberation. Nothing stands in the way, if you really want to pursue God.

Brother; I am in a real dilemma. I keep on thinking, debating with myself, asking whether I can do better by leaving my family, my business and everything which is mine, or continue everything and intensify my spiritual pursuits, my sadhana? Please guide me.

Amma; your mind alone can guide you. It is your true Guru. Your thoughts stem from some unknown force. Follow them.

Brother; But a guru alone can inspire, show the way. You are my guru- guide me. A sadguru (real teacher] like you alone can guide me.

Amma; you must have the ability to recognise such a guru when you meet him. But why should you search for such a guru? If you are worthy, he will come searching for you. There is only one who leads, who inspires and who takes you into his fold. He is God. Why do you run after mirages? Believe in Him who is everywhere and in everything. He will lead you on the right path.

Brother; will you suggest some books?

Amma; The various books on rituals are also written by people like you and me. The preaching or writing is nothing but one’s personal experience.

Brother; How about the correct reciting of the mantras?

Amma: Don’t be scared thinking that if you cannot pronounce or recite a mantra properly, you will come to harm. The lisping of the child is the dearest and sweetest to the mother.

Brother; But for pranayama, we need a teacher.

Amma: True. If you go wrong, you may lose your health. But still, the mind is the most important. You can control the body but not the mind.

I NEED A GURU. [page 147]

Who is the real Guru?Amma feels strongly that your mind is your Guru. She says one has to enkindle the inner energies to get enlightenment.

Brother; I am searching for a guru. But I am not able to find one.

Amma: A guru? What for?

Brother: To quench my thirst for enlightenment; to achieve the inner peace that I seek day and night. All my sadhana is towards it. Only a guru can guide me towards it.

Amma: Your mind, your inner self is your guru.

Brother: But my mind is not able to guide me .I am not able to concentrate my thoughts on Him. I am not able to feel His presence, try as I might. Only a guru can direct me.

Amma: True, but there can be a distraction even when there is a guru. The Real One, the True One alone can lead you.

Brother; yes, yes, I am searching for such a one. Where can I find him?

Amma; You don’t understand. Your thoughts have roots unseen. There is an unseen but all pervasive energy which can motivate you. Call this as your guru, if you So want.

Brother; [thoughtfully] is it so? Then bless me with your love and affection. I will seek this guru, in my own heart and he may help me, guide me in my spiritual pursuits.

Your thoughts have roots unseen. There is an unseen but all pervasive energy which can motivate you. Call this as your guru, if you so want.

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