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Deliberations towards the conduct of Amma’s Centenary Celebrations

D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2020

A highly enthusiastic and intense discussion took place with the participation of many members on the subject of Amma’s Centenary Celebrations at a meeting held at Jillellamudi on 22nd September, 2019.

Opening the subject, Sri D.V.N. Kamaraju, General Secretary has put forth his ideas before the members. He explained that the opinions expressed are his personal feelings indicating that decisions will be taken collectively. He informed the members that the foremost task before the Parishat is restoration of the glory of “House of All” with suitable repairs to the building where Amma’s physical presence was enjoyed by lakhs of visitors for almost two decades. Next, an iconic structure representing the Centenary Celebrations is desirable as a mark of Centenary Celebrations and indicates that an approximate amount of Rs.5.00 crores shall be collected in order to conduct the celebrations in a befitting manner.

Amma Nama Japam totalling 100 crores must be completed before the Centenary Year. Everyone must participate in this sacred program and keep the Office of SVJP informed in order to consolidate the data.

Sri S. Mohanakrishna, in his speech suggested to form a Committee consisting of a few people specifically for the purpose of Centenary Celebrations. He opined that an exclusive iconic building need not be considered and the Girls’ Hostel Building presently under construction at an outlay of Rs.2.50 crores can be considered as the iconic building for Centenary Celebrations.

Sri Annamraju Sai has suggested that the advice must be obtained from the elders who have experience and participated in the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Amma in 1973.

Sri Boppudi Ramabrahmam and Sri Katika Hanumaiah have expressed similar ideas in suggesting that a “Van” must be put into the service to propagate Amma’s message and philosophy in all nearby places with multimedia content.

Sri Chakka Srimannarayana in his speech informed that during the lifetime of Amma, many Saints and those heading important Peethams in India visited Amma. It would be in the fitness of things that efforts must be made to invite all important Saints in India during the Centenary Celebrations.

Sri PSR Anjaneya Prasad concurring with the suggestion of Sri Chakka Srimannarayana informed the Body that he will take the responsibility of bringing together all the Saints and invite them to Jillellamudi. He also stated that he will take the responsibility to bring out a Special Journal marking the occasion.

Sri PSR further announced that if it is found agreeable, AMMA NAMA STHUPAM should be erected marking this Special occasion. He also offered to bear the cost of the same.

He further suggested that each and every devotee must allocate some time in a day for AMMA. During this allocated time, they must chant Amma namam, in dedication to the Divine Mother.

Sri Lakkaraju Satyanarayana (Lala) informed the Body that he will arrange Sports Events on the occasion.

Dr. Kona Satyanarayana informed that on his part he will contribute Rs. 1.00 lakh towards the Centenary Celebrations Fund in response to the call that 1000 people must contribute Rs. 1.00 lakh each for the occasion.

Sri Valluri Prema Raju stood up and suggested that suitable activities must be drawn to attract, inspire youth to participate in all the programmes of SVJP. A clear road map must be given to the volunteers, who wish to participate in the programmes. Suitable accommodation, Drinking Water, Public Toilets must be provided in the campus of SVJP and a guide must be available at all times to help the visitors.

What is more heartening to the gathering is the involvement of the erstwhile students of Matrusri Oriental College, who studied here during the lifetime of Amma. Sri Dhoolipala Bhaskar and Sri Gogineni Raghavendra Rao who inspired the audience with their humble, candid speech imbued with confidence. They offered to assist, serve the Organization in any area that is offered to them.

Ms Mannava Subbalakshmi volunteered to offer her services in Annapurna layam, Reception, Temples and in Nama Sankeerthana. Sri Y.V. Sreerama Murthy made the following suggestions.

  1. The historical Arch at the 7th Mile must be restored and built before the Centenary Celebrations.
  1. Dwajasthambam (Pillars in front of the Temples) must be either polished or replaced at the earliest.
  2. Service activities at Matrusri Medical Center and at Matrusri Oriental College should be improved and given due publicity.

Sree. Ramakrishna Rao, Vice President of SVJP has suggested that articles in different languages must be published in National papers to reach all parts of the Country.

The General Secretary thanked all the members who actively participated in the proceedings and offered their well-considered opinions.

The meeting concluded with the recital of Shanti Mantra.

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