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B V Vasudeva Chary
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2013

Generally people wish for a life free from difficulties and Mother’s devotees are no exception. They want life to be a bed of Roses. But on every occasion, Mother said that just as there is light and darkness and day and night, we have pleasures and difficulties in life. She also added that ‘Puja’ and ‘Prayers’ give us necessary strength to bear the difficulties. She also said whatever we don’t like is a difficulty for us. But Mother helped us whenever we had difficulties. In his two interesting articles Hara Gopal brought out how Mother helped him to come out of his difficulties, after all the mental tension and agony he had gone through. In the first case, Mother helped him to catch the flight after rushing back to his house to collect some important papers, while his wife was looking after the luggage. In the second case, Mother gave Her Divine Gracious judgment in favor of his son, even though it was unpalatable to the Police Officers. This was in the USA. It gave great relief to the entire family. The Judge gave her judgment for the last day, which was not expected. This is a convincing example to show how Mother intervenes on all necessary occasions.

I was reminded of various writers and what they said about difficulties. Mahatma Gandhi described his voyage to South Africa, with his family in a Ship. After some time, the Captain of the Ship cautioned them about the possible danger because of the approaching cyclone. All the passengers on the Ship became alert and prayed to God in their own religious ways to save them. They were of different nationalities and faiths. After some time, the Captain announced that the Cyclone had gone and they were free from danger. They started drinking and dancing in revelry. This means that people remember God only during difficulties and dangers. The episode was presented very interestingly.

Another English writer says. “The mind is in itself and it can make a heaven out of hell or hell out of heaven”. This means that a man has all the joys of heaven. But he feels he is in hell. So also another man who has hellish difficulties still feels he is in heaven. That is why Mother said, “Contentment is salvation”. It means happiness depends on the nature of one’s mind. Another writer describes a sailor, who lost his leg in a naval battle. But he was cheerful and remained so as he lost his leg for a noble cause. That is the nature of Mind.

Another young poet was pessimistic even in his youth. Describing this world, he says that the world is a place “where but to think is to be full of sorrow”. This means, if a man has grown to think, he has nothing but sorrow in life. Even a player of a game like Cricket, has no pleasure, because he always thinks – of his runs in the game.

Another optimistic view is “God is in His Heaven, all is well with the world”.

Just because there is a mind, it thinks in so many ways. But the best thing is to keep our unwavering faith in Mother and lead a happy life.


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