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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2016

‘Dhanya Abhishekam’ is an annual ritual performed in Jillellamudi as Aradhana notsavam (worshipful celebration) of Sri Brahmandam Nageswar Rao garu Amma’s husband (reverentially and affectionately addressed as ‘Nannagaru’).

The Abhishekam is performed every year with ‘Dhanyam’ (paddy) to the idols of Amma & Nannagaru and with rice to Amma’s idol in the Temple on 17th February every year to commemorate the consecration of mortal body of Nannagaru on the 17th February 1981.

People generally contribute either in kind or cash equivalent to the price of a bag of paddy or rice or even donate liberally as a gesture of their devotion. The rice or paddy thus collected on this day is utilized throughout the year in Annapurna Nilayam to feed the ever increasing devotee children of Amma. Few thousands of people throng the place for this occasion. This year nearly more than 3000 people participated in this function.

The ‘Dhanya Abhishekam’ function each year has its own flavor to savor. This year four books were released during this function at the dais erected for performing ‘Dhanya Abhishekam’. These books are: 1. ‘Hymavathi Vratha Kalpam’ by Smt. Kusuma Chakravarty of Visakhapatnam, 2. ‘Pranava Yoga’ in English by Sri. Omkarananda Giri of Vedic Center for Brahmajnana, Pedakakani(Guntur Dist.), 3. ‘Amma Vodi (Lap) in Telugu by Smt. Saraswati, a resident of the premises at Jillellamudi and 4. ‘Upanishad darshanam’ a voluminous book by Dr. Jayanti Chakravarti, an old student of Matrusri Oriental College, Jillellamudi residing at present in Vijayawada.

In addition an enchanting music concert was arranged in the evening at the same venue. The concert was of Hindustani Classical (Vocal) music by Smt. Soumya Madangopal of Chennai who is the mother-in-law of our own younger brother Tangirala Tejomurthy (S/O. Late Tangirala Kesava Sarma) who also incidentally happens to be the niece of the famous Carnatic Vocalist of Tamilnadu, Late Sri. G.N.Balasubramaniam. She also trains some playback singers Haricharan, Madhumita, Bhavatarini (d/o. renowned music director Ilayaraja), Subhiksham and Pop Singer Shalini in voice culture. She was a recipient of the ‘Grand Prix’ award of the French Govt. and the title ‘Kala Mudumani’ from the Govt. of Tamilnadu.

Smt. Soumya Madan gopal presented Six compositions in the ragas: 1. Lalit, 2. Hamsadhwani, 3. Yaman, 4. Kalavati, 5. Durga and 6. Maund. She concluded the concert with a sloka in raga Sindhu Bhairavi. She was accompanied on Tabla by one Mr. Vengaiah of Vijayawada. Thus the function ended on a soulful musical note

Overall the Dhanya Abhishekam function this time ended with the sound of music.

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