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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2017

AMMA has exhibited extraordinary compassion not only towards human beings but also on all living creatures. Down the memory lane we can recall many such incidents.

Once when I was at Jillellamudi, a person who appeared to be very poor approached me and on his own initiated a conversation with me. He was praising AMMA and HER kindness with tears in his eyes. When I questioned him as to what made him think so, he narrated his version: “I came here for the first time. By the time. I reached this place yesterday, it was past midnight and there was nobody around to ask for any accommodation. I have no baggage with me. I went up to the second floor and slept on the bare floor opposite AMMA’s room. I was running a high fever and after some time I started shivering. Then a thought came to my mind i.e. People say AMMA is very kind and treats everyone as HER own child. When I am in this condition of high fever and shivering even without a blanket, where is SHE? and where is HER kindness? With this thought I did not know when I had slipped into my sleep. As I got up in the very early morning I found myself covered in a thick blanket and there was no fever. No one could have noticed me in such early hours, especially on the second floor, and would have covered me. It is ONLY AMMA who would have come out of HER room soon after I slept and covered me with a blanket and also cured me. I felt ashamed for blaming HER and my heart melted to receive this kind of HER care and love.”

Needless to add that this person received new clothes and food in Annapoorna layam as AMMA’s Prasadam / Grace. I am sure he would have got his desires fulfilled after the Darshan of AMMA.

Occasionally we used to get a chance to be present in AMMA’s room throughout the night, keep ourselves awake and attend to the needs of AMMA, if any. We considered this as a golden opportunity as we were in HER divine presence for extended hours. Once I too had such a fortune. AMMA suddenly woke up around 2.30 a.m. and said “It appears that someone has come up (on to the terrace-opposite HER room). Why don’t you go and see”. I obeyed the order and found a person standing on the terrace opposite AMMA’s room. I was rather skeptical about the intention of this person for making a visit at this odd hour. (Jillellamudi has a history of an attack by Naxalites). I quickly returned to AMMA’s room and closed the doors. Even before I uttered a single word AMMA said “It’s alright Nanna. He is our own person (Vaadu Mana vade – in Telugu). Open the door and let him in”. I went out again and beckoned him. As soon as he entered the room Amma received him with HER outstretched hands and gave a most affectionate hug. He was sobbing in the arms of AMMA. We cannot imagine what kind of a situation he was in and what the personal equation between him and AMMA is. But AMMA’s unconditional love for one and all is crystal clear.

In one of my visits I went near the door to AMMA’s chamber and found HER talking to a person who was very fragile and pathetic in appearance. As I was restricting my entry, Amma waved me to come in and sit beside him opposite HER cot. Addressing him AMMA asked whether he can wear Kurta Pyjama – a traditional Indian dress. (In chaste Telugu she asked “Lalchi, Pajama Vesu kontava Nanna”). As he nodded in affirmative, SHE went on to say “Don’t hesitate and feel shy. This brother (pointing to me) will get these for you. “Turning towards me she said, “Go to Bapatla today and arrange for his dresses. “I was very happy and elated to receive this instruction which was nothing but an opportunity to serve AMMA in this manner. As soon as this person made an exit, AMMA said “He is an elementary school teacher from Eluru (a town near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh) who has been coming to me for the past several years. He is very poor with a lot of responsibilities, including the marriage of daughter. He has full faith in me (in Telugu she said -Nanne Nammukonnadu nanna) and never asks for anything. All his clothes are torn off and hence I ……… (there AMMA stopped leaving me to imagine HER intention). I rushed to Bapatla in the next few hours and arranged the necessary items.

In the afternoon a person came over to the terrace where AMMA’s chamber is located. He was very shabbily dressed and a very foul smell was emanating from him. No one would have dared to touch him even with a pole. On top of it, he was in a very intoxicated condition and still shouting “O AMMAOh AMMA ” very loudly. While we were watching and in a dilemma whether to let this person in or not – Amma asked to bring him to HER. AMMA received him with HER outstretched arms into HER lap. While he uttered something very funny in that intoxicated condition we laughed. AMMA reacted sharply saying, “don’t laugh. You people don’t know what kind of hardships he is undergoing. “After presenting new clothes to him she ordered one of us to take him downstairs, get him showered, feed him in Anna Poornalayam, show him a place to rest and bring him back to her room after he wakes up.

Here the following points strike our mind :

AMMA’S love and Care to look after us, including our daily needs

If a person surrenders with faith to his desired deity (here AMMA for us), he/she will be fully taken care of in all respects, round the clock.

We should also try to be compassionate to the suffering and do whatever best we can.

Pray AMMA gives us strength to follow HER footsteps.

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