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Editorial | Brother Bhaskara Rao -The Son that Never Sets

D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2018

In the epic history of India, we hear of many Great Rishis, Gnanis and evolved souls. Days have changed. The Great Indian culture was subjected to several vicissitudes in the course of history. It is not possible to follow the lifestyle of those ancient days. Yet, this world is not devoid of such a rare clan even though the lifestyle might have changed.

Advent of the Divine Mother Amma on this earth nearly a century ago in the form of Jillellamudi Amma as popularly known, is an incomprehensible enigma to the present generation. Millions were drawn to her and followed her. It is not easy to understand Her true form unless we carefully observe the lifestyle of those who are truly devoted to Her.

Sri Yarlagadda Bhaskara Rao was one such person whose life style is simply a farmer by profession, sparsely educated as per present standards. As a devotee he belongs to that classic order of devotees like Prahlada, Ambareesha.

Sri Bhaskara Rao, a nonagenarian, breathed his last on April 12, 2018 in Jillellamudi a place he so fondly chose to spend his last days. A true legend of contemporary times, his departure from this world is a void in the history of Jillellamudi that can never be replaced.

It is not easy to understand or gauge a person’s devotion unless he himself is a devotee. Bhaskara Rao garu, affectionately called as Bhaskar Annayya by all those who are in Amma’s circle was one such staunch devotee who though lived in this world but was barely attached to it.

He spent a major part of his adult life in Jillellamudi and how! Like a true devotee, his routine was doing Amma namam, visiting Amma Temple and living every available moment in Amma!

A “Mouni” in its real sense, he never indulged in unnecessary discussion with anybody. Even if you try to put him in conversation, it ultimately revolves round to Amma that too only to the necessary extent. Never a word more.

He is remembered by everyone in Amma’s circle for his one major contribution – that is Amma’s Life History. He penned Amma’s Life, dictated by none other than Amma Herself. Amma’s choice of Bhaskara Rao for writing down the Great Classic reflects on the rare inimitable quality of his personality. Amma’s Life history is no ordinary history. It was interspersed with complex incidents running into several volumes, dictated over a period of time. Major part of that history is a privileged treasure not yet revealed to this world.

In those days of sparse communication facilities Sri Bhaskara Rao used to commute between his native village Singupalem and the secluded hamlet Jillellamudi. While in Jillellamudi, he never used to spend time idly. He was serving Amma in several ways like bringing water from the nearby river, working in the fields in Jillellamudi or in construction areas. In his free time or sometimes late at night, he was writing down the history dictated by Amma. It was a strange experience for many in those times that even if anyone was present at that time, the dictation was heard only by Bhaskara Rao and however hard others tried, they heard nothing. Further, as Sri Bhaskara Rao himself narrated, many a time, when Amma was dictating the incidents actually appeared before him like a movie on the screen and he actually used to hear their voices. Thus, the history he penned is not just a Biography but has acquired the status of Itihasa like Ramayana.

This one part of his life is enough to put him in the class of Great sages like Valmiki, Veda Vyas etc.

To sum up, Bhaskar Annayya is the epitome of devotion, the meaning of sacrifice, the example for penance, the definition of diligence and dignity, the heap of virtues worthy of emulation – in a word, the path he tread was something slightly unusual.

Truly a blessed soul Sri Bhaskara Rao annayya – We miss him so much but not Amma, because he is in Amma. This Son Never sets, lives forever illuminating the glory of AMMA.

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