Editorial Note

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2003

Many are the ways Amma adopts to draw the children even from distant places to shower Her Grace and bless them with visions of Divinity which many of them would never have dreamt of. Looking back towards the early years of Jillellamudi one comes across hundreds of instances to prove this point. It is amazing to note that many of those who reached Amma’s feet over the years were drawn to the place not out of their volition, but through varied and interesting ways, to finally experience the spiritual bliss at the feet of Divine Mother.

Once in early 60’s when some of the brothers some of whom were managing the affairs of the institution at Jillellamudi approached Amma with a proposal of starting to publish a journal in order to publicize about Amma, she asked them if all those who came to Her till then were due to any publicity; but not to disappoint her children, gave Her assent to the proposal.

There are instances when Amma appeared to some in dreams years ahead of their unexpected visit to Jillellamudi to have a rendezvous with the Divinity. To illustrate the point it is worthwhile to briefly narrate the instance of an old student of Andhra University and hailing from Guntur. She had a dream while in the University, in which an elderly lady with a radiant face, a large vermilion mark on her forehead and wearing a nose-ring appeared to her sitting on a cot in a hut. The lady whom she had never seen before. made a deep impression on her and it kept bothering her as to who the lady in her dream was. A year or so later, when she returned home during summer vacation she happened to accompany her parents to Jillellamudi, not being aware of the surprise she was in for. When they reached Jillellamudi and sat in the hut waiting for Amma to come. Moments later Amma comes and sits on the cot and this lady (the student) was taken by surprise to find the very lady of her dream sitting before her in flesh and blood. But there was still a nagging doubt in her mind, not being entirely sure of it. Then suddenly Amma rising from the cot goes into the anteroom and returns: this time wearing the nose-ring. Lo! and Behold! The picture was complete and this lady unable to control her tears fell on Mother’s feet in reverence.

If Amma appeared in dreams to some, she had drawn some through some reference to her in some magazine, some through accidental visits along with their friends and yet some through visits incidental to their pilgrimage to various places. To cite a few, the instances in the former case are Mr. J.F.Neiland, an Electrical Engineer from Amsterdam (Holland), and Mr.Gordon Westerlund of USA and that in the last case is Mr. Bharanidharan, Editor of the popular Tamil magazine ‘Ananda Vikatan’.

Neiland, a spiritual seeker, undertook a journey directly to Jillellamudi all the way from Holland, having been deeply impressed by the answers Amma gave to a devotee, which he happened to read in a review of the book ‘Life and Teachings of Mother’ that appeared in the journal ‘Mountain Path’, a Ramanashram publication. On the other hand, Gordon Westerlund, a fine specimen of a seeker after Truth and deeply religious in the Christian faith but with an open mind, came in contact with a couple of Gujarati (Indian) sailors on board a ship during one of his regular trips several years ago. Deeply impressed by the love and affection shown by them towards him, a stranger, and curious to learn about their religion, was introduced to the Hindu literature like Bhagavad Gita. Upanishads etc. During this process he read some literature published by the Matru Sri Publications Trust also, wherein he had the revelations of the Universal Mother. Ever since, he has been in constant touch with Jillellamudi, writing letters to Mother narrating how he has been seeing Mother everywhere and in everything wherever he went in the USA. Amma used to say to those sitting around her that Westerlund was, in fact, very much near her while all of those around her were in America!

There are several other instances to this day wherein Amma has been blessing those who had not had the opportunity of seeing her in physical form with visions and experiences, revealing Her Divinity and those who had come in contact with Her while in physical form, with answering their prayers in times of distress.

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