Editorial Note

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2002

“All’s well that ends well” so goes the adage and this applies aptly to the grand event of Hyma’s Idol Installation function in Jillellamudi that just concluded on May 24, 2002. This is a real grand event in the annals of the institution both for its magnitude as well as its magnificence. This is the fulfillment of a dream of many an ardent devotee, namely, to see a statue of Hyma in white marble as ordained by Amma after installing a Plaster of Paris statue in 1970. This is the culmination of many a devotee’s unspoken wish. The event stretching over five days. has all the attributes of both aesthetic and spiritual significance to be felt by those who were direct witnesses to the proceedings. The most significant aspect of this whole event is the all-round satisfaction and happiness seen on everybody’s countenance over the way the statue of Hyma shaped itself, so beautifully resembling Hyma in physical form with all her tenderness and deep and compassionate looks.

Many brothers and sisters in India and abroad have contributed to this great venture, some physically and some monetarily. One wonders at the way Amma designs the events, which we realize only after they have taken shape. Though Amma ordained long ago that a marble statue of Hyma should replace the one in Plaster of Paris and thus the seeds for this idea were sown nearly thirty years ago, the actual beginning to embarking on this task was made when this idea was mooted in 1998 by one of the brothers in US who offered to finance the making of the statue. Once this program was launched, with the courageous undertaking by one of the ardent and old devotees in India to carry out the task to its logical end, several other brothers both within the country as well as outside offered their mite.

The outcome of the whole effort is a magnificent Hymalayam with a lively interior of beautifully carved wooden doors and door frames as well as excellent marble flooring and wall cladding, also in marble, to match the lovely statue of Hyma..

Now, there is no point in sitting back on the laurels earned through this achievement. It enjoins on one and all, particularly those involved in the day-to-day administration of the institution in Jillellamudi to lay down and implement with all sincerity, practices and procedures of worship to be followed in the Temples to strictly ensure preservation and upkeep of the statue and the temples for generations to come..

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