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D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

Change, Development and Transformation are part of Life. They sometimes happen with conscious effort and sometimes unnoticed. Either way, they are a way of life.

Sri Viswajanani Parishat was formed to disseminate Amma’s teachings. Amma’s message to the world, to let people know about Amma more closely, understand Her all-pervading, Divine Love. Half a Century elapsed in this sacred mission. The world has undergone a metamorphosis. Generations have changed. Way of thinking, standards of life have changed.

In order to confirm the changes in the Society, Statutory administration and to protect the Assets of the Organization, a strong need is felt to change the frame and format of the Organization from a Registered Society to a Registered Trust – All other Objectives of the Organization remaining unchanged.

Consequently, Sri Viswajanani Parishat Trust and Sri Viswajanani Parishat Temples Trust have come into existence in 2018. All statutory sanctions like exemptions under Section to the Donors under Section 80(G) of Income Tax Act, etc., were obtained for both the Trusts. A proposal has been made in the General Body Meeting of Sri Viswajanani Parishat held on 10th April, 2022 at Jillellamudi to transfer the Assets and Liabilities of SVJP to both the Trusts respectively.

The Organization is growing in Dimension and Capacity. A separate body of Trustees have been appointed by the hereditary Trustees of both the Trusts in order to decentralize the administration. Young blood, New Thoughts, New Innovations are the need of the Day. Similarly, new members of the Trusts have been inducted mixed with knowledgeable, experienced and elite people to guide the Organizations.

All the above changes point to the welcome trend and undeterred progress that is in store for the Organizations.

Mother of All welcomes the changes and extends Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes to the new Team of members.

The important priority before the New Team is the forthcoming Amma’s Centenary Celebrations next year. It is the responsibility of each and every devotee of Amma to make these celebrations befitting the occasion and memorable. The present Generation who has not seen Amma in physical form has to understand the philosophy and life of Amma in proper perspective.

A heavy responsibility is cast on these two Trusts to protect and nurture the sacred lineage of those whose sacrifices are the cornerstones of this Great Institution and to carry the mantle to greater heights in the days to come.

It is highly pertinent in this connection to remind ourselves of the all-time relevant message of Sri Sri Sri Sadguru Sivananda Murthy garu who exhorted those in the service of Amma that nothing is more valuable than welcoming the guests who visit Amma with due respect and Love and make them have a comfortable Darshan of Amma and partake ‘Mahaprasadam’.

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