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D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2021

It is not just a matter of concern but cause of consternation that the recent exodus to Amma’s abode by many of the close associates of Amma.

Many people, who cherished in the service of the Divine Mother, whose memories can never be mitigated by the passage of time, and whose life is an exemplary lesson to the younger generation, have joined Amma’s eternal abode during the last few months.

Each of these persons have left their imprint on the soil of Jillellamudi through their sheer dedication and selfless service.

To refer to a few, Sri Kaliki Ramachandra Reddy from Hyderabad was a silent worker. Never bothered whether his services are recognized or not. Whatever services he rendered, which are not few, right from serving in Amma’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations way back in 1973, to serving in Amma’s stall in All India Industrial Exhibition till recently in late hours of night in biting cold, he never hesitated to contribute his mite. Humility is his nature.

Sri Kavirayani Rajendra Prasad was another such silent worker. Mentioning the very name of Amma sends him into raptures, caring for nothing else. He was pining for a glorious temple for Amma in Mannava, the birthplace of Amma. He spent his hard-earned money in the service of poor, hapless, unfortunate, old and unsupported people as well as for the development of Amma’s Institutions.

Sister Bollapalli Varalakshmi, a physically challenged spinster, spent her early years rendering personal service to Amma and the constant flow of devotees who visit Amma. So is sister Lathika, who in the early 80s served in Matrusri Vidyalayam, an English Medium Convent.

Legendary Durga Pinni and her daughter Vatsala left for Amma’s abode within a gap of a few days. Any amount of tribute is small to describe their magnanimity.

Sri Bhattiprolu Chalapathi Rao, Sri Khagga Ananda Rao, Sri Akunuri Shyam Sunder were the names that keep ringing in our neighborhoods every day. It is hard to forget them.

The demise of Sri Jannabhatla Veerabhadra Sastry, Dr. S.V. Subbarao, Sri Bulusu Satyanarayana Sastry and Sri M. Purnachandra Rao serves such a blow to our senses making it paralyzed. How can we come to compromise that they are no more and we cannot see them again? How can one forget their Love, Affection, their sincerity, their selflessness, their devotion, faith, their dedication and commitment. –

This exodus makes us think for a while, “What is happening in Jillellamudi?” Is Amma in a hurry to start a new Chapter in the history of Jillellamudi? – with a new generation, new culture, new practices to adapt to the changing times?

When Sri Krishna left this earth, everything changed. People’s abilities, attitudes and values. The moment he left, a new Yuga started – Kali Yuga. The Yuga has its own values.

Amma’s stay on this earth though was a short period of 63 – years was undoubtedly a new Era. The Era of Love, Patience, Tolerance, Magnanimity and Empathy. Amma laid a path for the posterity with the above values to combat the evils of Kali Yuga. She followed, practiced and set an example to the Humanity. The followers of Amma, especially those mentioned above are few among Amma’s Army who spent their Life to spread the above values.

It is now our duty to remember them and adapt our lifestyle. 

Jayaho Matha Sree Anasuya Raja Rajeswari Sree Paratpari

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