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D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2018

Hyma was the only daughter of Amma among her three biological children. Hyma’s life was a saga of mystery. Even though she was the only daughter of the Divine Mother, her life was never a bed of roses or wrapped in comforts. Ill health was her constant companion. She suffered from frequent spasms of headache, fever and painful sores in the mouth.

Amma likened Hyma to Lord Jesus Christ! Hyma shed tears when a fledgling broke its leg falling from its precarious perch. She nursed it with the care of a mother. If the qualities of selfless service, Compassion, Grace and Bliss enable humans to evolve into the Divine, Hyma was just that.

Hyma is the human form of Compassion, Companionship, Grace and Love. She felt elated when someone came to the House of All and felt miserable when they had to leave! If any visitor did not or could not take food for any of the reasons, she would also skip her meal. Many a time Hyma pleaded or even fought with Amma espousing the cause of a suffering brother or sister. But not once did she approach Amma to represent her own problems! No wonder that some brothers developed a special liking for her and used to come to Jillellamudi particularly for her. Hyma was very fond of Amma namam “Jayaho Matha Sree Anasuya Raja Rajeswari Sree Paratpari”. She was constantly chanting above namam or Lalita Sahasram.

As she grew into full womanhood, Amma was urged to find a suitable match for Hyma to settle her in a holy wedlock. But the Divine Mother had other plans for her. The very creation of Hyma was for the benefit of humanity at large. Amma used to dodge the proposal saying that she would consider Hyma’s marriage only after her 25th year.

It was at this age that Hyma suffered from an ailment while in Aurangabad in February 1968, which was later diagnosed as smallpox. On her return to Jillellamudi on the 28th of March 1968 (incidentally it was Amma’s birthday as per English Calendar), she was put on medication, and responded well, appearing to have recovered. Only Amma knew the lurking seriousness of the disease deep inside. It resurfaced on the 1st of April and by 5th, it took a turn for the worse. She was rushed to the Government General Hospital in Guntur in spite of Amma’s advice to the contrary. She breathed her last on the bed of the Hospital and was immediately brought back to Jillellamudi to the shock and unabated grief of everyone there.

Hyma was entombed in the evening of the 6th April 1968 in a pit 30 feet away from the entrance to Amma’s dwelling (a small hut at that time). Amma personally oversaw the entire process, making her body sit in the yogic posture of Siddhasana. Sitting on the edge of the pit, Amma put her foot on the crown of Hyma’s head as a culmination to the process. At the very touch of Amma’s foot, blood oozed out of Hyma’s head like a fountain. She had shown to everyone’s amazement that Hyma’s body was warm, chest heaving, suggesting that she was breathing.

Amma declared that the temple to be built on the spot where Hyma was consecrated would be a great spiritual center and the ultimate destination of many a spiritual seeker. This temple is now called Hymalayam celebrating its 50th Anniversary, Swarnotsavam (Golden Jubilee) from 23rd March to 25th March 2018.

There is no need to compare her to any other Divine incarnation. Hyma is Hyma. Hyma is Divine in her own capacity. Today, Hyma is there ready to respond to your prayers, to solve any of your reasonable problems and difficulties. This is a fact. Visitors first visit Hymalayam before entering Anasuya Swaralayam. Hyma, ever since conferred solace and comfort to the needy.

In the year 1978 Amma initiated a special Vratam known as Hymavati Janayitri Vratam. Since then it has gradually gained popularity and now is an important annual function. Married and unmarried ladies participate in these Vrathams for seven days from Karthika Pournami to Hyma’s birthday (Bahula Shashti) as per Lunar Calendar.

On this momentous occasion of 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Hymalayam, let us all pray Hyma to shower Her Grace and Compassion on all of us.

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