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D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2020

Lalita Koti Nama parayana is conducted every year on the occasion of Hymavathi Devi’s birthday as a tribute to Sri Hyma. She was immensely interested in reciting Lalita Sahasranama Stotram constantly when she was moving amongst us as our beloved sister.

There is a namam in Lalita Stotram “Maryadi Vasanalabhya”, meaning that Lalita Parameswari confers certain Divine qualities such as Maitri (Companionship), Karuna (Compassion), Mudita (Cheerfulness) and Upeksha (Condone) on the Devotees.

Hyma inherently has all the above qualities by birth. Companionship with equals, Compassion over every other being, Cheerfulness with all brothers and Condoning others shortcomings.

Hyma, before She was consecrated in the Sanctum of Hymalayam was moving amongst us as a beloved sister with Love, Affection, Care and Compassion that is uncommon in ordinary human beings. In this connection, it is apt to remember the words of Amma admiring the virtues of Hyma. “Hyma’s Love towards us is superior to our Love towards Hyma. Hyma’s Love is incomparable!”

She was Kindness and Softness personified. Her speech and movements were soft and swift. She herself was always suffering from some ailment or other. But She never complained or approached Amma for relief from her sufferings. Her concern for the suffering of others was extraordinary. Even for the smallest ailment or suffering of others – be it human beings, animals, birds or reptiles, she used to approach Amma praying for their relief. Once Amma remarked “Why do you ask me to relieve these sufferings? You can do it yourself!” Hyma replied instantly “If I can do that, why do I approach you?”. In reply, Mother commented “Maybe, a day will come where countless people will approach you for relief. They will first have your Darshan and then only come to see me.”

Amma gave several indications to the people around through subtle actions that Hyma is no ordinary girl. She made several indirect indications that Hyma is no different from Amma. When those close to Amma brought before her the prospects of suitable alliances to Hyma, Amma coolly replied “let’s wait till she is 25”. Obviously, Amma had different plans for Hyma.

Hyma left her body when She was almost 25 years old. Mother has done rare, elaborate tantric rituals. Before consecrating her in the sanctified pit, which later emerged as Hymalayam, Amma declared to the world that Hyma has not gone anywhere and She is very much here. “Hyma is Devatha!”, Amma declared and prescribed rigid rituals to be performed every day there, which even today are followed meticulously.

Rudrabhishekam is performed in the morning eleven times along with Mahanyasam. Archana is performed with Lalita Sahasra Namams, Trishati, Khadgamala and 108 names of Lalitha. This procedure is considered highly Powerful for grant of any boon. There are several instances of those who participated in these rituals for a period of 11 days continuously got their wishes fulfilled.

It may be interesting to note that Amma visited Hymalayam several times to perform Puja to Hyma and observed certain austerities.

Initiated by brother Sri Racharla Lakshminarayana, eleven years after Hymalayam came into existence, Lalita Koti Nama Parayana was performed for the first time in Jillellamudi in the year 1979 on the occasion of Hyma’s 37th birthday. Thereafter, Lalita Koti Nama parayana was conducted every year regularly on the occasion of Hyma’s birthday. Today, even a child in Jillellamudi can recite Lalita Sahasram without any mistakes.

This year with unforeseen circumstances due to prevalence of Coronavirus have made the conducting of Lalita Koti Nama parayana a challenge. But, the countless brothers and sisters all over the world are not deterred by the threat of Covid and agreed to the suggestion that they shall complete Parayana from their respective places and report the count of Parayana made by them.

Thus, a new concept has evolved. The Parayana that was confined to Jillellamudi over the years has now extended all over the Globe removing the barriers and boundaries. On December 6th, 2020 on the occasion of Hyma’s 78th birthday, the earth reverberated with Lalitha SahasraNama stotram recited by hundreds and thousands of devotees and the final count has crossed One Crore Thirty Lakhs Twenty-three thousand! (1,30,23,000).

The Divine dispensation cannot be comprehended by human intellect!

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