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D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2021

The world with multitude of religions has a Prophet or a Head for every religion. This has created division among the human race due to allegiance of certain sections to a particular religion and related customs, practices etc. Consequently, every Divine figure represents only a particular section of the human race.

It is customary to name Rama, Krishna, Durga etc., as Hindu Gods whenever anyone makes a reference to them. Similarly, Jesus represents Christianity, Mohammad represents Islam, etc.

Is there anyone who can represent the entire Universe? Yes, it is none other than Amma, Jillellamudi. She is “Mother of All”. She doesn’t claim to be a Divine personality, a Guru or Godhead. Her only statement is She is Mother. Not only She states that, but Her every word or deed singularly points to that fact. Yet, She is above Spirituality, above Divinity. She doesn’t claim to belong to any particular religion or practice. She accepts, loves and treats everyone as Her child with no discrimination. Her Love is not confined to just humans – every animate or inanimate object is the subject of Her Love. Her religion is not confined to the region where she was born. Her Love is Universal beyond the boundaries of Earth. She knows nothing but Love. In fact, She is the embodiment of Love.

Amma’s Love is simply unconditional. She expects nothing in return. It was during her childhood, one day, her uncle Sri Mannava Ramabrahmam took her to Vasudasa Swamiji for blessings. Enchanted by her aura, Swamiji enquired about her and learning that she lost her mother at a tender age, asked her empathetically “Shall I bless you with abundant love from everyone?”

Amma’s reply was simply mind boggling. Amma replied “Bless me that I should keep loving everybody, irrespective of the fact whether anybody loves me or not”. She added further that “to understand Love, I must have it in me”.

The entire essence of Amma’s life is based on the above one principle.

In another incident, Lokanadham babayi (younger brother of Nannagaru Sri Brahmandam Nageswara Rao) asked Amma during their childhood – “Anasuya! Why do you have so much Love for us? After all, we did nothing for you”.

Here again, Amma’s reply is unique. “Love is natural to me Lokam! (She addresses him as Lokam). I do not expect that anyone should respond equally to my Love, nor anyone should do something for me”.

Love is not a part of her nature. She is personification of Love.

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