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Editorial Note – Science

Prof M Sivaramakrishna
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2015

Sri Ambati Purushottam who was there at that time, asked: “The Scientist thinks that he is God Himself. In that case, does God listen to the way the scientist articulates?”

Mother: Yes, He listens. Let the scientist say that he is God. Affirm this strongly.

Brother: It is not a matter of declaring that he is God. It is about the omnipotence of the self.

Mother: What is the self? (Atman). It is omnipresent. And being omnipotent, it is full of all-pervading Power.

Brother: How do we know this?

Mother: If it is a matter of knowing, it is known in the form of

Shakti. If we say it is without name and form, it means it is existent there in a formless form. Ask what is existent, in the formless form it is existent. Since our language is defective in perceiving what exists and what we say about what exists, (it is puzzling). This accounts for the difference between the existent one and science. Except the difference in perception, all that exists is the (Omniscient) one. Science sources itself from material world. Science perceives it from the material angle. The spiritual sees from the mind. But in that material also, mind itself sees and searches.

Brother: But don’t they say it is nature?

Mother: Assume that there is raw chilly. Its taste is fiery. You can attribute that quality to God, or say it is sourced from Shakti, or call it padartha (material), say it is AMMA or some such meaningless thing or chaos. Everything emanates from the ORIGIN only. But we feel it originated, it did (this thing) etc. Science call what exists as its very nature (here the nature of mirchi!) I say that that very natural (entity) as God. You exist now. And Amma is there. But you arrive in Jillellamudi assuming that you are going to see the “limited” form of Amma who is SHAKTI herself. Even when you assume that Amma is omnipresent, you are not perceiving her everywhere. Similarly, science sees Shakti in the material (world). But we are unable to see that SHAKTI all over as Omnipresent. They are unable, therefore to name it GOD! (Conversation No. 107)

God has always been the prime controversial area of debate for believers and scientists. And the category of atheists is funny: they spend a life time debating with firm conviction that there is no God. If you assume that God is a myth then why waste a life time and debate about something you assume is nonexistent. And scientists like Einstein smugly declare: “Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame.” Very appealing to listen. But, then, debating what is a fact is waste of time. And if it is fiction, why spend time on it?

Steering all this with disarming simplicity and irrefutable logic, Amma unravels the puzzle. GOD IS SHAKTI POWER. You can’t perceive the current of energy which animates our body. We debate with mind and intellect but show the mind? One cannot. And mind generates thoughts. And thought cannot be perceived but its execution as something concrete makes it seeable?

The most significant dimension of this seemingly simple conversation is AMMA: the Divine Feminine SHAKTI. The Creatrix. Without SHAKTI nothing happens in Nature. Our transporting ourselves into the air and travelling thousand miles cribbed, cabined and confined for a long-hours flight! What is the phenomenon without the inherent SHAKTI? Though irreverent, they say: Without SHAKTI, Siva is Sava! Amma dissolves dozens and dozens of debate with her disarming linking of the twins: Knowledge and SHAKTI. SHAKTI makes knowledge move dynamically in whatever form we choose. The nature of things varies but SHAKTI is the same. In fact, I always remember the celebrated Telangana Poet Dasarathi’s (if I recall right) poetic way about the evolving of species: in Telugu: ” తొలిచిన కాస్మిక్ రేడియేషన్ బలమే నేడు నా కలంలో చొరబడి మనిషిని దేవతగా మలుస్తుంది.” “The same power of cosmic radiation which moulded a monkey into a human, flows into my pen to make a human as a Goddess.”

Simple but profound are the revelations of Mother. No dialectical jungles of debate but direct statements of fact. We instantly grasp but are we sure that we do not equally forget instantly What Amma tells?

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