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Prof M Sivaramakrishna
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2018

This installment has its basis on the September issue of Viswajanani. In Telugu it has a significant cosmic in its sweep. But simple if we don’t forget that Ma is Viswajanani. Without any mystique Amma launches into the significance of an earthquake. She asked apparently playfully but with profound innate significance.

“If I stir(move) a bit

what happens?” And, there 

was, in no time a little

 earth movement”

The truth here is a great blessing to us: our curiosity to enjoy the profound TRUTH about Her is told in language which does not require what we call in Telugu (-). Yet, the devotees won’t be satisfied with that affirmation. And it is natural to seek what Mother felt: “when the earthquake struck did Amma’s cot also move?” Perhaps, we may feel that Amma is above all natural phenomena. That is not the way of Mother.

She said: “First my mind itself stirred (moved)… That’s all” And it implies: “Amma’s consciousness includes mind. And they are conduits channels which are constitutive of SHAKTI roopa. Even a tiny stir in the mind could, if needed, allow a tiny or terrorizing quantum of Shakti. And, shall we say, it is an inexhaustible fount of Shakti which can move through an event, a thought, or whatever of Nature has an inescapable need. Or, if it is there in her SYLLABUS !

Any – even the slightest move – of Ma is never random. It is Her Divine Plan that unveils itself for its own cosmic reasons. When Tsunami hits the coast and many die – including children

– We feel a little bit uncomfortable at Nature – Mother’s apparent fury, and of course we enjoy the fun she provides (in compensation to the fury ?). We don’t really know. Let us continue the rest in the next laddu – like sweet (but be prepared for sour also !)

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