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D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2023

We all worship AMMA with absolute faith and reverence. Each follows a path of his own choice in expression of his devotion. Some offer donations in cash and kind, some do the chanting of namam, some recite thousand names of Amma, some observe different sorts of penance like fasting etc. The underlying element in all these rituals is to please Amma with their undeterred devotion.

While all the above rituals and practices are time tested tools for spiritual elevation, the question remains “is this enough to express our Love, our Devotion and Reverence to Amma? Does Amma really gets pleased and satisfied with the above rituals alone?”

AMMA descended on this earth as an ordinary human being, born into a middle-class family, married to a gentleman of moderate means and spent her entire life in small, remote villages which have no specific distinction whatsoever.

In this way, she demonstrated to the world that She is no different from any other human being. Her objective appears to be to set an example for every human being the ideal way of life. She did not behave different from any ordinary human being. She did not give sermons, did not preach any theory of Her own nor did She exhibit any supernatural powers and miracles characteristic to Godmen and Women. She declared that Her life itself is her message, in case anybody wants any message from Her.

Now, let us examine what message Her life conveys to the humanity at large.

AMMA never gave importance to Caste, Creed or Religion. She used to say what caste can be attributed to the Chromosomes that are the origin of human species? Amma was a neglected child right from her birth. Her parents, having lost many of their offspring, their foremost desire was that She should survive in this world. Following a sentiment, they entrusted the responsibility of bringing up the child to a maid called Golla Nagamma. Thus, born into an orthodox Brahmin family, she was brought up by a backward class woman. This is the first message of Amma that Caste is not Primary or fundamental.

Amma declared and demonstrated that Love is natural to Her. She loved everyone around Her. In fact, her love is not confined to humans alone. Animals, creatures and the whole of animate and inanimate world is the object of Her Love. No one is beyond her radar of Love. She treated with compassion even those who tried to harm her physically. This is the most important message of Her Life.

Even during the childhood of Amma, most of Her relatives did not bother to see whether she was properly fed or not. Right from her birth, Amma never had two square meals like any of us. Yet, she took all this in her stride and never blamed anyone. Her foremost longing and desire was to feed everyone bellyfull. She could tolerate any torture perpetrated on Her, but She could not tolerate anyone going without food or remain hungry. The forbearance of Amma was extraordinary. She was embodiment of patience, forbearance and understanding.

Amma went through many vicissitudes in her life. Her life was never a bed of roses. The transition from her childhood to a full- fledged, matured mother of three children was full of several testing circumstances. She faced all these with fortitude and demonstrated to the world that adversities are the way of Life and one must accept both pleasures and pains with equanimity.

The floral fragrance cannot be concealed. The splendour of knowledge cannot be subdued. The cool pleasure of moonlight cannot be suppressed. Even as Amma was leading a normal life of a house wife, the Power of Her Divinity spread like Sunlight to the nook and corner of the world and millions have started flocking to Her. A Great Institution was established in Jillellamudi. Her most favourite desire has taken shape as Annapurnalayam

where everyone is free to partake of the food served there without any discrimination. She named her abode as “House of All” – a gesture that was unheard of in contemporary History.

AMMA was born on 28th March, 1923. This Year 2023 is Her Centenary Year. The real tribute to Amma during this Centenary Year is to spread the unique message of Amma viz., Love, Compassion, Sacrifice and Forbearance to the entire world.

For this, let us all congregate in Jillellamudi from 28th March to 1st April, 2023 and celebrate the Centenary Year in a befitting manner. Let us all take pledge on this auspicious occasion to follow in true spirit the real message of The Divine Mother AMMA.

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