Editorial Note

D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2019

Love is the natural and predominant ingredient of Motherhood. Universal Mother is no different. Talking of Universal Motherhood, was there any instance in Puranas or Itihasas that the primordial energy has descended on earth with pure Motherhood? It beats our knowledge. In all the avatars of God, Love, Grace, Kindness and so on…. are the inherent qualities – true. But Motherhood is above all these. There is only forgiveness – no punishment. Only Love – no anger. Only empathy – no apathy. No tutoring or drilling – just pure, natural enlightenment. That, in one-word , is ‘AMMA’, the Divine Mother in the form of Anasuya Devi in Jillellamudi.

Amma displayed all these qualities right from her birth till She left this earth. She treated everyone alike only with Love. Those who attacked Her, those who tried to rob Her, annihilate Her are all Her objects of Love, – Kindness and Sympathy. Reformation is mostly silent, intrinsic – and extrinsic or expressive. Reformation takes place as a natural process, not as extensive, elaborate practice. The beneficiary often remains incognito.

This silent movement called ‘Amma’ descended on this earth on 28th March, 1923 in human form. The centenary year of Amma’s advent is approaching fast. It is time for all of us to rise to the occasion and celebrate in a  befitting manner. It is time to consolidate our activities, approaches and channelize all our energies in one direction. It is the time for every one of us to express our gratitude, return the Love we all enjoyed from Her.

Along with other activities, it would be in the fitness of things to have a Grand Memorial in connection with Centenary Celebrations of Amma with State-of-the-Art Technology which the posterity remembers, recollects and appreciates.

The generation that moved with Amma in proximity and enjoyed the Bliss is getting smaller and thinner.

Amma’s presence needs no further words. No amount of words can truly explain Amma’s universal presence. The existing lot have an unenviable responsibility to pass on to the next generation the true message of Amma, Her Universal Love.

It is worth remembering Amma’s last message. She said that after She leaves, we can perceive Her through Sree Viswajanani Parishat, the Organization that manages all the Institutions established by Her. The need of the hour is to conceptualize and materialize long term and short term goals.

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