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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2015

It is said, Kruthayuga was Astigata: Thretayuga Mamsagata; Dwapara is Raktagata and the present Kaliyuga is Annagata.

It is indeed evident that each Yuga has a character and aspects according to the requirement of the age.

Kruthayuga, otherwise called Sathyayuga, maintained that all that exists is God. Threta believed that God can make a descent through yagnas and other sacred rituals. Dwapara tossed between Dharma and Adharma with equal conviction and finally Dharma triumphed over all the evil.

Kaliyuga started with the denial of very existence of God and divergent schools of thoughts furthered the concept and refrained from rituals and other prescribed practices. However, Kaliyuga is granted a safe passage to salvation through chanting of Lord’s names.

Will that indeed redeem the human from all the effects of deeds and misdeeds? A mechanical use of God’s name results in nothingness. It should be used through pining and sincere yearning based on unconditional surrender to Him. Though preliminary, it lays path to purify the mind.

The names of God are mere attributions to the otherwise attributionless. The name also suggests form to the formless. The name form combo is essential to achieve concentration and contemplation.

Voluntary chanting and counting of the names is nothing but a ritual. One has to transcend the barriers and get into a mode of involuntary chanting, which is countless. This is spiritual.

Name and form thus slowly vanish, while a ray of awareness of the self shines forth. This experience, when expanded, turns into an ecstatic state where the real unfolds as infinite light.

Though initially, names grant happiness and form gives joy, bliss is bestowed when cessation of the both is accomplished.

Chanting certainly cleanses body and mind while involuntary chanting draws one closer to the seat of heart. Efficacy of God’s names surely grants solace to the disturbed minds.

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