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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2015

Ego is nothing but the shade and shadow of mind. Mind itself is a bundle of thoughts. The ‘I’ thought is ego. Doership is indeed the actualization of ‘I’ ness which in turn is triggered by the mind.

When one chooses the path of spirituality, the first and foremost thing he should do, is to observe himself. On constant and consistent observation he starts realizing that his own mind, full of counter current thoughts, needs taming.

Through meditation he should mild the mind. By elimination of each thought he should bend the mind. By rejecting the upsurging thought stream, he should mend the mind. Finally, through a state of indifference, he should end the mind. When mind ceases to show its prowess, intellect also subsides. With this, ego edges itself out and enquiry begins. This is the end of game by ego.

It is at this stage that reality dawns and enquiry leads to non doer ship. I, that has been representing traits and tendencies that accrued over several births, slowly gives way to understand and experience the real ‘I’.

Pseudo I, hitherto that claimed ownership for everything that happened, will disappear. The real ‘I’, which claimed nothing so far surfaces and continues to remain a witness. When thought is gone and the thinker also experiences a state of witnessing, the mind in its harmony with its source, peace prevails. It remains still and even enquiry becomes dismal.

Thinking, deliberating and contradicting at thought level is in fact a ritual exercised by mind. When mind is at peace, it turns spiritual.

One should be cautious of ego-mind combo and conscious of reality. Spiritual progress traverses from latent to kinetic and finally into dynamic state where every thing turns inconsequential and Truth alone shines in its splendor.

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