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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2019

AMMA, THOU art the essence of experience, 

That transforms this very earth into the heaven,

 Could see the rising Sun, the blooming cool 

Moon, both at THY divine holy feet

This earth bowed before THEE in awe to know

 Thee and alleging that YOU are the ONENESS

 The sky becomes the very canopy for THY grace

 THY copious mercy, in the benign eyes flood

 Every household, granting comfort, peace

 To each one in their humble dwellings.

We are like the abandoned selves without clutch 

or crutch, Virtually without any refuge in this mortal frame,

 Rule us in THY boundless domain reaching

 Over stretching the limitless skies, in 

THY bounteous, abounding limitless purity 

That purges us placing THY form within us 

The dormant selves; THY very thought enabling us

 To cross over this arduous cycle of joys and sorrows.

Causing the feel that YOU are all that is seen,

 This entirety is but THY all pervasive being,

 YOU are but the luminous ONENESS that casts 

No shadows; the radiance that glows across 

All the worlds with little heed and restraint.

Such abiding timeless truth shall seep into

 Our little selves, soaking our inner awareness,

 Causing the deeper revealing experience, 

Every day, every moment, granting us the 

Unique bliss while bowing at THY holy feet.


Brother Raju in this lyric, exposes and captures his intimate experience that borders the inner revelation which is worth the lifetime. Or if we allow for the births that follow for a moment, which lasts several lifetimes for others who take to such theory. Even so, having seen AMMA, we tend to visualize GOD in the feminine, motherly form to which we are much used.

God has no form, no name. Nor has he gender. Divinity is beyond all these limits or even settings the so called. Could the God that we visualize in form too could have a mother? Is it likely? One-night Brother Raju has been sleeping in the nearness of AMMA wondering over these subtle issues of God, AMMA and divinity.

AMMA is still asleep. Those are the hours of the night. It is neither sleep nor dream. Suddenly AMMA appeared in HER natural form. Brother Raju could behold AMMA’S luminous, radiant, glorious form bedecked with all the ornaments. Could see the fully adorned truly divine persona of AMMA. Brother Raju was awed, spell bound to the point that he could not even bow such form and make obeisance to AMMA appearing in such stupendous, incredible form and presence.

While yet passing through this phase, HER attire has become that of a man, with all signs of the male form appearing on HER very physical person which is undergoing a transformation right before his human sight. While Raju has yet to see, the form has become infinite, the ‘Sahasra Seersha’ as described in the sacred texts.

Then her feet disappeared. There appeared a glorious radiance that was spreading and casting all over. The other masculine traces too disappeared. The visage has become like the glowing sun. Gradually it split into two becoming the twin eyes. Then a red hue emanated on the brow in between the eyes. This entire incredible process took place or lasted for about ten minutes. A little later, blood emanated from the very same spot in between the brows. Brother Raju lapsed into a semi-conscious state passing through this unique experience. Soon he regained his normal state. Here the mind, the consciousness is much more relevant, than the mere physical body of the subject.

Regaining his normal state, Brother Raju questioned AMMA to grasp all the process he had witnessed. AMMA as usual covered up saying that as the one who has seen and gone through the experience, he shall understand. disclaiming HER causation or the subjectivity; not owning up the stupendous vision that has been caused to Brother Raju.

Such tremendous vision granted by AMMA prompted Brother Raju in scripting this lyric, which is but an outpouring of such singular, uncommon experience by which Brother Raju could behold AMMA in HER all pervasive, all permeating infinite cosmic form which includes all that is and that exists.

In such a true, intrinsic self, being of AMMA all the worlds, the entire universe belongs and rests. Granting such a fact this very earth on which AMMA tread in physical form begins to wonder at AMMA. Soon knowing the truth of AMMA’S being, the earth submits humbly before AMMA at her infinite ONENESS. The sky holds a limitless canopy for AMMA’S presence, form and the periphery for all the grace emanating in AMMA’S presence.

The humans that have no real shelter, refuge and recourse, avidly seek and reach AMMA for the protective grace and to find a direction, much sought after meaning for themselves. AMMA’S copious ever flowing grace runs into the human dwellings, soothing their lives, granting them peace, and resting them in the dualities of sorrow and joy, hope and despair. Thus, the mortal world is blessed and redeemed.

In AMMA’S purging, overflowing purity all the beings are cleansed, cleared of their flaws and impurities. They are saved from the troubling throes of the dualities of this world. AMMA’S glorious effulgence lights all these worlds and the entire universe. HER unique radiance sets no bounds in this universe nor casts any shadows. In such glory of grace, abounding radiance, the existence is soothed, comforted and ever protected in AMMA’S overwhelming divinity. Ever caresses this existence in AMMA’S loving, endearing motherhood.

All the elements, the sun, the moon, the sky, the air and the very earth are all soaked in the prevailing presence and grace of AMMA. AMMA being the totality of this cosmos and the entire universe. HER grace boundless soaking and sleeping all the living species and the entire existence as spelt in the extant order.

(Adapted from the lyric Anubhava Saramu Neevamma’ No.40, Page 42 of the work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers A.V.R. Subramaniam and Sri Ravuri Prasad)

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