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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2010

Oh; AMMA who are THOU,

 Mother, who are THEE,

Moving from THY heavenly abode,

 Coming out of THY celestial precincts,

Choose to be in our hearts, 

Making these humble,

 lowly Venues THY worldly dwellings, 

Thus making the same sacred;

THY looks kindle the light

Of compassion in our stony hearts,

 THY words become sacred chants

 Thus making our lives holy and fulfilling.

The inhalations are but the force

 Of creation; the exhalations being 

The cessation or destruction the 

Inevitable dualities of this world;

And THY very being is but the

 Given order as it subsists and 

THOU are but the entirety, 

The whole exalted universe.

Evenness is THY acclaimed creed,

 THY presence removes sorrows 

Of this world, feeds and sustains 

Life gracing us and redeeming us

Thus protecting us ever, blessing

 Us in THY form of dispassion 

That is personified on this earth.


We often wonder about AMMA, at THY being and intriguing persona. Apparently we believe you belong to the celestial heights where thy abode rests, which can never be scaled or reached by us even in our remote imagination.

Yet, we tend to feel you chose to descend from those unattainable heights and dwell in the hearts of our lesser mortals by no means pure, sacred or deserve THY presence. Even so, despite the lowly contrast, our hearts filled with the worldly odors are consecrated by your movements within even for once and much more so by your being.

We, being overly preoccupied with this world and other material concerns our hearts are hardened not in a slight measure: but THY gracious looks hovering on us light the lamp of compassion so that we could be kindly disposed towards our fellow men, as is rightly said “Mercy pours like a gentle shower from heaven”

THY wise sayings which very briefly sum up the eternal truths of earthly and other worldly aspects become the holy chants for us in our daily lives uplifting the same from the ordinary to the sublime. THY words set the way and course of our life in no small measure. In the process we are consecrated and fulfilled.

We believe AMMA, that THOU are but the author and the ONE who conducts this entire cosmos. Having said this, YOUR inhalations are but the cause of creation and exhalations mean the destruction, the obvious dualities of existence. YOUR being spells the given order as it exists. YOU are but the entirety of this universe and the whole existence all over.

Viewed in this manner, the triple processes of creation, sustenance and destruction (Srishti, Stithi, Laya) are meeting in you. As verily declared by YOU, this creation is timeless, without beginning or end and only ‘YOURS’ (Eee Srushti Nadi, Anadi – AMMA). We are only awed by such a magnificent persona of yours.

Despite such an exalted being, YOU look at every one evenly. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, the virtuous and the wicked, the beautiful and the ugly do not make any difference while showering THY grace. Such is THY unique evenness not affected by all the dualistic differences the very characteristic of this world. YOUR gracious motherly looks over the children never pass any judgment accepting them equally with little. Distinction.

Such dispassion and ever flowing grace shall drive away the earthly sorrows in our lives enriching them both on the mundane and spiritual planes. We are led to the higher truth gradually by fulfilling our mundane needs and guiding us to the all pervasive reality, though the process many a time is imperceptible. Thus THY grace cares for our mundane needs as also spiritual uplift eventually almost unawares.

We tend to believe that THOU art the embodied dispassion and love we always look to on this earth.

We only seek refuge from the odds of this worldly living in THY ever protective, loving, caring motherly presence of YOURS.

(Adapted from ‘Anubhava Saram’ by brother Mannava Butchraju Sarma, song NO.48 “Divya Bhuvanalu Vadili”)

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