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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2008

Passing away of Gajendra Mma akkayya in Jillellamudi in the early hours of 20th November 2007 leaves a void that cannot be filled. The exemplary dedication and devotion of Gajendra Mma akkayya (seen on left in the picture alongside) needs no special mention for hundreds of devotees who frequent Jillellamudi. Hailing from a farmers’ family from Itikampadu, a small village near Ponnur in Guntur district, she made Jillellamudi her permanent abode in the late ’50s after having her first Darshan of Amma in 1957.

House of All, the abode of the Divine Mother is truly unique. Every visitor to Jillellamudi is assured that he or she has not visited any strange place but visited his/her own home. The residents of House of All also treated the visitors as their own family members without any reservations or inhibitions. The bond of love and affection was so strong among them that they maintained their relations with each other more intimately than their own family members. Amma used to assign many a visitor to Gajendramma akkayya or Krishnavenamma akkayya another veteran octogenarian who passed away recently, for looking after their needs and requirements and to make them feel at home in the process, they endeared to her and vice versa. Nambulu, Eka Anjan, Ravuri Prasad, Van driver Venkateswarlu and scores of others are a few among the innumerable children of Amma who were fortunate recipients of her services.

During her stay of almost half a century in Jillellamudi, there is not an area where Gajendramma akkayya’s services are not involved. More than anything else, she made a niche for herself through her personalized attention to many visitors with sincere love and affection which adds uniqueness to the history of the Institution.

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