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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

(continued from the previous issue)

The real self ‘I’ or Spirit is always

Pefect and Pure


From the unseen to the unseen

Must all come and go.


My! Such a long reach you have?

Yes, all arms are AMMA’s arms,

Yours and mine and the dwarf’s

All hands are the Supreme’s hands


We all have come from the same source

We all rise from the unseen

And return to the unseen

Self or AMMA is the unseen and seen.


Pure and holy is SHE who is everyone.

The Personal leads us to the impersonal.

The Personal is the impersonal Amma

All in all is ONE, Impersonal and personal.


It or He or She

Different all, are they?

Eternal oneness plays,

ONE, for fun for sport, O huh!


Oneness Sameness acts as different

This His will, this His lila,

Glory to Sameness Glory to difference

Glory to Himself, Glory to ONE!


One dwells in all, the highest and the lowest

The motivator of all is ALL.

Here are some of HIS parts,

Some of thy parts.


Yea, all parts are played by HIM

Are played by you, you are HE

The highest, without duality

Plays all the parts.


Subtler than the subtlest are THOU

The ONE is all called by many names

AMMA, Brahma, AUM, AMEN.

Sword in hand to cut their throats,

‘Holy war’ sayst thou?

Even the worst have then some best

Even the bad have then some good!


All mountains rivers and trees

Come and go like and wind snow

But ONE does remain ever the Same.


Eternal, unchanging and Infinite

And all their opposites are Thou.

Thou and Thou alone art

O! divine God,

All is within, and all is without

Within and without are only the ONE.


Oh God, I crave not experiences,

Desires or anything but

Give me what you think best.

Only to be dissolved in Thee

At all times and climes to be

Always and ever mindful of Thee.


All life is His life

Every death is His death

Yet He is untouched by both.

We (of our own selves) create nothing.

ONE creates or becomes all


Including life, death and being

Joy, Sorrow; pain, pleasure;

Truth and untruth;

Existence, non-existence;

All, all is ONE.


I have no beliefs or unbeliefs

I have no sin nor righteousness

I have no goodness or badness

I have no existence or non – existence



All I see is God all the time

Verily He alone is

All sights are His sights

Truly all ears are His ears,

Every part of all bodies is

He and HIS expression

All objects and modes are

HE and HIS manifestation.

(to be continued)

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