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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2022

O God, may I ever be aware

That all forms come from you

And go to you and are you.

From the ‘worst’

(A serpent or snake to a demon or murderer)

To the Greatest Highest celestial Being!

Many time I can sense

God’s Presence in storm and hardship

Than when all is calm.

Thank God for difficulties

They make us mindful.

O space, O Sky, O Ether

Thee do I love, worship and adore

Out of you have I come

In you I now exist.

Thou art the motivator of all

Yet, at once, you are silent,

Silent, still and tranquil.

All things arise from you

Move in you and return unto you.

Motive comes from you,

O Ether, you alone are

Full, whole, Complete.

This is crazy writing, huh!

One day I will end in Silence,

Writing in joy and peace

Mother’s nature, Play, and Will.

My guardian angel forgot to catch me’

Cried a boy who did some circus ‘homely’

“He did not forget to catch you boy,

Just He wanted you remember HIM”

(Wrote Sri Gordon Westerlund,

Under his picture in Seattle times)

“Verily without the bumps of life,

We won’t be mindful, Isn’t that correct?”

The same ONE moves you as does me

It is not in a man what walketh

To direct his steps.

– Jeremia 10.3

All I can think is He

All I speak of is He

The ‘I’ is He

The ‘me’ is He

All I see is He

The ONE that is in ALL,

(To say the truth) one alone is,

To describe something it takes two!

But there being only ONE

Who can describe IT?

Who can tell of IT?

Yet, for fun and sport

He acts like He does, Huh!

In all the places I have been,

Nothing is so beautiful as the clouds

Truly the heavens declare

The glory and beauty of God.

What scene is there that is as fascinating

As the sunrise, the clouds and sunset?

Peace is the clear blue sky,

The stars too are HIS manifestations

And are extremely beautiful.

How would you like to live,

(Live on the circle of Arctic)

No flies, no bugs, no ants,

Heaven it is everywhere,

For, HE is there (HE is there!)

Bliss and happiness, Spirit and AMMA

(The twain are there as ONE)

Just (all) snow, Sky and peace

Bhagawan Akasha Omnipresent

All is quiet but for the wind!

Thee, O Space, do I love and adore

Thou art Everything, in thee is Everything

Thou art my parents, brothers, sisters

In THEE do I move and live

What is there beside THEE

Thou art the Essence of life and all.

Peaceful Perfect Blissful Silence

Above the all, behind the all

In all, through all round all

The Source of all, the End of all

Where is there that He is not?

What is there that He is not?

“In Him we live, in Him we move

In him we have our being”

(Acts 17:28)

Behind everything is ONE

Who cannot be described

He or IT is the source and end of all,

He is behind every mark,

Form, attribute, thought, desire

Word name and thing.

Behind God and Satan is THAT

Which is all pervading.

Without name, form, or attribute

The Source of all is source – less

Nameless, formless, attributeless.

What is, is the Highest

The absolute is all in all

The absolute is the only Actor

And motivator of every action.

Thou one in all,

Where there is one –

There is not two.

Yet Thou out of Thyself

Dost make duality,

The ONE in two, the two in ONE

O wonderful, glorious,

Wonderful ONE!

All voices and sounds are you

O, Thou Highest, dearest Lord –

How sweet you sound thro’ children,

Their loving voice

High toned, Innocent, pure!

(to be continued)

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