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Dr T Raja Gopalachari
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2022

The vedic literature was thought to be a trackless tropical forest. The vedic rishis had no religion. The Vedanta is still considered as Revealed Religion religion that is based on ideas and beliefs gained through revelation of God rather than through natural reasoning. The advent of modern astronomy, cosmology coupled with the quantum mechanics of physics and molecular biology and the cellular reasearch by the modern scientific researchers lent support to the logical concepts of the metaphysics to communicate their thoughts in more meaningful ways than ever before. The wondeful revelation of CARL SAGAN, the genius in cosmology, the superb thought provoking and enlightening writings of Richard Morris, the eminent physicist have revolutionized the beliefs about the metaphysical thoughts and beliefs of theologists of religious dogmas. Then came the new thoughts of Paul Davis on theoretical physics and the enchanting writings of another great scientists cum philosopher James Redfield who by his own experience reduced to writing an exciting new image of human life and a positive vision of the way to save this planet, its creatures and its beauty, his envisioned in the Peruvian forest. All these point towards the fact that there is a new awakening in the west flowing from India on the macro and micro cosmic power – whether one names it in the East as God, Almighty of Brahman.

The Mother of Jillellamudi who adorned this earth from 1923 to 1985 and walked with mortal body and form divinised minds as truly as we do today harmonizing our thoughts (based on her experience right from birth nay from the womb of her mother Rangamma garu), all the concepts and proved through her life’s experience that this entire manifest creation namely the matter, energy, gross, subtle, casual and spirit are nothing but a part of that Supreme pure being the ONE THAT HAS BECOME AS THIS MANY and the lives and livings of all is predetermined just as the central essence of cell DNA consists of the form and attributes of the beings before assuming the form and name through fertilization by fusion in the womb. Everything is from that ONE but seen as many but not distinct. Duality of state of mind is human and ONENESS state is Brahman (Divine). This harmony of duality and variety of forms and names and religions is sought after by every being. Religion is a limitation Realization by one as the actor in this divine drama ordained before birth by then which caused it to come is liberation.

These readings in her philosophy depict the actual experiences of her as revealed in the unfathomable depths of ocean of her life dictated by her during her lifetime from 1959- 1966, her experiences from birth in 1923-1949 we do not have the record of her experiences of later years from 1950 to 1985 which we understand from the journals published by others are more exciting. Innumberable scholars and vedantists, journalists met her and were taken back of her divine nature transcending the writings about the incarnations of the most divine personalities. One of them who saw and experienced deep spiritual awakening living in her presence is MANNAVA BUCHI RAJU SHARMA and his devoted wife who wrote many verses in Telugu vernacular. They saw very many facts of this great Divinity, enjoyed her love and equanimity, unparalleled perhaps so far in human history. They are no more. While taking their names I am reminded of Kula Sekhar Alwar’s Sanskrit devotional poem ‘MAJJANMANAH PHALAMIDAM MADHU KAITA BHAARE MATPRAARTHANEEYA MADANUGRAHA ESHAEVA – TWAD BHRUTYA BHRUTYA PARI CHAARAKA BHRUTYA BHRUTYA BHRUTYAS YA BHRUTYA ITIMAAM SMARA LOKA NAATHA.

I am leaving English translation for the readers to approach the Sanskrit scholars, if they the readers have yearing and get it translated. I do not want to translate myself although I Could.

[Collected from “In Quest of Harmony in Philosophical Concepts” by Dr. T. Rajagopala Chari]


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