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Prof M Sivaramakrishna
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2012

A brother, Krishnamurti by name, works in Bapatla. He arrived in the morning. He asked Mother to give initiation which enables him to do japa.

Mother: What you recited earlier is enough. (Earlier, holding the Mother’s feet, he recited the Lalitha Stotra)

Brother: It is addressed to Goddess Lalitha. I thought you would initiate giving me a mantra.

Mother: Whatever you do, it is all the same. Whether it is Lalitha, Anjaneya or someone else, it is the same. All sacred syllables – mantras are the same. The same power resides in every mantra. The same exists. The same meaning. There is nothing different. The combination of letters is the only difference. Nothing else.

Brother: It’s possible But I don’t have the steadfastness to think that whatever is the mantra it is the same. I thought if you could tell me something I can do some sadhana…

Mother: Oh my dear! Even doing sadhana some spiritual practice – is not in our hands… “Do this! Do that !” – you can always tell, sitting on the shore. Let us say that. I give you a mantra as you desire. But then it should also be possible to fix your mind on the mantra! If your mind had found it possible to focus your mind, you wouldn’t have come so far. Nothing we can do. It happens when the time comes.

Brother: These gurus, counsels….

Mother: Oh my! Such things don’t exist! If only you comprehend what a mantra is, there won’t be any problems or doubts. I say the mind itself is a mantra. We don’t know what ‘mind’ means. Therefore, we place some letters together and call it a mantra. And thereby we understand our power by ourselves, through that. There is nothing more. What, after all, is a mantra ? Combine some letters, imbue it with purity and repeatedly meditate on it: that becomes a mantra. If you don’t think like that, doesn’t the mantra remain merely letters? What is it that perceives all this? Isn’t it your mind itself? Then, hadn’t your mind itself become a mantra ? All that is in your mind. They tell :: this mantra overpowers your head (brain), that mantra is dangerous, risky. All these also are nonexistent. When the same power lies in all mantras, from where do those perils and risks arise?

Are all those claiming themselves as gurus these days really gurus? When they are asked to give initiation (by giving a mantra) they claim that the mantra they give is the supreme, the greatest. They also prescribe many constraints, many conditions. Suppose an initiate commits mistakes in implementing those rules. They raise a hue and cry as though your house is hit by a Tsunami and your life itself is in danger. Then they recommend the performance of some rituals for restoration of peace, of normalcy. Moreover, there are sectarian groups among the gurus. ‘My guru is greater than your’s – such claims are bandied about. How can such things arise if the guru is really one? Our mind itself is the guru. That recognition (sign) itself is guru. There is nothing superior to such a guru. There is absolutely no need to go to any guru.

Even when you make a determined effort to undertake sadhana, some strong force comes in the way. Isn’t it? It means that the power which comes in the way is more powerful than the power which helps you to pursue your sadhana. That very power is God. We are moving in the way that Power (or Force) makes us move. That is why you don’t require initiation through mantra. (It is not indispensable). You recite the mantra of your chosen Idol. That’s enough. Do those very gurus practice what they instruct you to do this or that? Anything – is like that only, son.

Brother: Doubt is dispelled. Mother, I feel great satisfaction now. All these days, we were vexed with their talk. Your words are like nectar to us.

All of them joyfully touch Mother’s feet and leave.

(Conversation No. 79)

This is a Talk both timely and transparently clear – characteristic of whatever Mother tells. Timely, because there is – sorry to say – now an explosion of gurus. With claims which are manifestly theoretical. Particularly, initiation rites are much sought after from gurus. This is no comment but the reality. Mother’s advice comes in handy – a gentle breeze clearing the foggy notions which linger in the minds of most of us. The kernel of the talk is – or so it seems to me the nature and function of the mind – Mind itself is a mantra needs, in itself, to be meditated upon. That itself is initiation. Know your mind and you don’t need anything else. In fact mind – management is real sadhana. But, Mother tells us, we don’t know what mind means. But it generates everything. Unregenerate mind may get stuck at the verbal level: a mantra is a bunch of letters. Unless, the second step, the mind cooperates to meditate on it.

The third step is the role of the guru. The blessings of the guru are needed. But more needed are the blessings of our minds. The mind mechanism is strangely cooperative. And, also subject to hallucinations: Rituals we cannot follow : pathological anxiety comes in turn. Mother brushes them aside. Yet, there are unforeseen obstacles. Blocks numb the mind. Here this blocking power has more effect.

Then what do we do? Are we thrown by Mother into a conundrum, stuck with no exit? There is the power, force which helps us. No obstruction here. Amma is that Power: Shall we move in the way she makes us move? Do we ? Whether we do or don’t’, it is that Power which casts the winning vote. Mother, unlike some gurus, literally practices what she says. Mother is the Dispellers of doubts and the Dispenser of her grace. What does the devotee say? Vexation transcended, we taste the Nectar of Mother’s love and affection. But, mind you, love is no love unless you do what she tells you to do. Do we? I dare not answer.

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