V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

“I am not a mere Anasuya. I am the ‘I’ in all, said Amma referring to Herself. They are basic principles embedded in Indian philosophical thought!

When the identification with the body is annihilated, Atma moving about embodied is ancient lore. The words of Mahatmas who abide in Self may appear very simple and intelligible but what is contained behind the pronouncements is the eternal Truth, radiating spiritual contemplative splendor. Each sentence is equivalent to a great work of literature, fragrant and weighty. After reading and rereading and on deep contemplation, the Sadhaka gains insights into the profundity behind the words. For everything which is seen, there is something which is not visible to the naked eye. Whether it is called Shakti or Kartha or undercurrent, in fact it is the impulse. It is causative! With this background, Amma, though not educated in worldly ways, being the primordial energy, emanated from her. From her came home truths which are sublime and sacred. From the ambrosial sea arose waves of ecstasy. They are nectarines. Whatever Amma uttered about her is as deep as the sea, instantly elevating to the lofty philosophic planes. if one can understand!

There exists only one Mother

“My existence is infinite, whole and never-ending, but my life is limited!” said Amma. What does it mean? The movement of the body which is subject to change is in a small circle. All the states experienced by a normal human being apply to that. There appears to be no speciality. When we say existence, though it appears limited outwardly, since it is immutable, it manifests as Jiva, body and even after many births ‘real estate’ remains the same despite many changes and additions! It is the Truth! There are not many mothers. There exists only one Mother. She became many like the One becoming many. What is called I became ‘all of us’. There is no ‘you’ particularly and separately. All the difference is in ‘seeing’. For the insightful, the ‘oneness’ is experienced! It is indivisible. What is there in the end is in the beginning. Whatever exists is ‘One’. Truth manifests severally. Before birth or after exit, the ‘Real’ is. What is born and dying is the body. ‘Ours’ is eternal existence. What is lost is the body. Hence the I is there which is not gone. It is not the one which is transient. While being ‘alone’, I create many in ‘vastness’ and while among many. I create ‘solitude’ and perceive everything within. Hence being able to know everything. Awareness is not having anything more to know. When this awareness dawns, everything is ‘awareness’.

Creation is Mother

It is not correct to say Mother of the creation. Creation itself is Mother. In the creation, many are always created. The causative impulse Shakti should not be ignored. One has to be constantly in this awareness. If it is felt that ‘Kartha’ is the reason for all, we do not entertain doer ships. If there is no sense of doer ship. the ego, attachments and bondage will cease. With that, desire and infatuation loosen their stranglehold. Then this entire world becomes the ‘house of all’. It becomes transformed into a beautiful world where the caste, creed and religious differences are transcended.

Eating to heart’s content and living freely, peacefully and with humanism should be our work. The happiness of one can not be the happiness of all. Our happiness is a part of the happiness of all. Mother’s lap can never be left. When all the world is the lap of the One who is personified Shakti, where can we stray? Wherever one is it is Mother’s proximity.

Sin and merit, bad and good aspects belong to the mind. As long as mind exists, they and effects related to them will be there. Mother has only heart! In the heart there are no activities. But the primary movement Chaitanyam, pure consciousness which is the source of all, is in the heart. Thus Mother is the heart. There are only feelings of oneness (with Atma) and no other feelings in the heart of Mother. Mother showers only grace, affection and none other.

Mother protects but does not punish. Children need to come to see Mother. It is true that Mother ‘sees’ children wherever they are. Mother sees the beings from afar as ‘Meenakshi’, graces with a large heart as ‘Visalakshi’, observes with equal vision as the single eye of the world and witnesses the umpteen thought waves in the inmost recesses of the countless beings as the primordial witness.

Mother is the origin for all

The radiant rays of the Jivas in the cosmic womb get reflected in the womb of mother and experiencing suffering, transforming into supplication to offer themselves up which leads towards light. That is why the first stages of the Jivas are pools of pure happiness. They are entwined with Mother. Even to the great emperor, origin is mother.

That is why the place where Amma stayed is not an Ashram. It is a cozy shelter. Where she moved about is causative and a place pervaded with noble impulses. It is a sacred land where deep affection found its expression. Those who are hungry, who are never hungry, those who are afflicted, who are well provided, those who are well formed with the successful fruition of the union of the creative dual principles, those who are handicapped, shared brotherhood in a luscious way in the experiential field that is Jillellamudi. Nay… it is the house of all! Also it is a house for all! World is a family. Amma is the Mother of All.

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