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Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2008

(Translated into English by his son Sri Rajupalepu Seshagiri Rao)

By the time we got down at the Bridge, it was mid-day. We took to the narrow pathway across the fields. Sri Gopalrao garu showed us the cucumber vines and the small touch-me-not plants. We reached Amma’s abode and we hung all our bags to the dry tobacco stalks stacked to form the fencing, and went to wash our feet. Smt. Krishnavenamma asked me “Are all doing well brother?” I could not recognize her at once as there was a great deal of physical change but as soon as I caught sight of Sri Haridas, I could remember her at once. After washing our feet we took the fruits that we brought with us in our towels and went to see Mother. By that time, a jute carpet (patta) was laid out near the Tulasi Kota south of her house (with the snake pit in it – ‘putta illu’). Mother was already sitting there. Her abundant hair was gathered into a plain knot and she was wearing a sky-blue saree with light green shade mixed. She had a thin gold chain around her neck and rings on her fingers. We prostrated ourselves before her, gave her the fruits and sat silently. After some time Sri Gangaraju Lokanadham (GL) garu came there. Sri Kona Subba Rao garu and Sri Nori Venkateswarlu (NV) garu knew him before and so they greeted him. After some more time Mother said that we could talk later after our bath and meals. Along with others, I too rose. Before the house of Sri B.Nageswara Rao garu (Nanna garu) there was a pendal. Jute carpets were tied on all three sides and we seated ourselves on the granite slab-laid floor. Mother put kumkum on the forehead of each one of us and served ghee on our food. Sri Nanna garu sat at the head of the line and Sri NV, Sri GL sat by his side. After meals we gathered again in the Putta illu (the house in which there was a snake pit). Before Mother could say anything, Sri Gopala Rao garu started talking about the book that he wrote – “Mukti Maargam ”. He said that just as Degrees are given to the worthy by knowledgeable people, as many scholars have gathered there, the book should be discussed there. He began talking about ‘Agami, Sanchita and Prarabdha’. We thought it to be irrelevant as we felt that the purpose behind our visit to Jillellamudi was to hear the words of Mother..

After some time Mother began to talk. She told us about the death of her mother. She told us about the breath of the cat and the association of life with the light in the eyes of the dying cat. She told us about her vision of Rajarajeswari. Then she told us how she gained her knowledge observing the bubbles in the rain and their distraction. She told us that she had a firm belief that ‘Time is the incarnation of God’. She said that if knowledge is God so also is ignorance and if Food is to be considered as God so is the feces. As it was already late in the night, she said that we could continue the next day. We came out. Nanna garu (B.Nageswara Rao garu) told us that Mother had no formal education and that she would be telling every one, ‘Pilli Sastram’ (cock & bull stories) without understanding their stature. But as I have already had meetings with several great seers and heard their words too, I felt that Mother’s words had great depth of meaning.

The next morning, after coffee, we gathered again around Mother. Mother told us that her ‘Mangala Sutra’ showed her the sutra, the essence. She told us that the person with the name of one who made Amrutanjan (i.e.) Sri Nageswara Rao garu, was her everything. Soon Sri Gopala Rao garu started the display of his knowledge and gave Mother no chance to speak. After food at 11 o’clock, we gathered again. Mother talked about Nirguna and Saguna. She said “Vikaaram vallane Aakaaram” (i.e.) the form is due to a vibration (of the mind). I asked Mother to repeat it. These were my first words with Mother. Later the talk turned to the abode of God in the body. In Yoga Vasishta it was given that Brahma goes in through breath (i.e.) inhalation and exhalation. I could not explain it well. So, Mother said “What? Tell me again in a loud voice” and when I repeated what I had said, she said ‘yes’, the Sandhi (i.e.) the union of inhalation and exhalation – that is Gayatri. Then she told us about the six chakras i.e. the six major energy centers in the body and compared them to knots of grass roots floating in the water. Sri B.Akkiraju garu wondered aloud what could be the benefit of knowing this to us – (maaku yemi orugunu). Mother played upon the word “origin”. She showed the mud-plastered wall and said that the small mud flaps, if they miss their places, would fall on their own accord. (a play on the two meanings of ‘varugu’ – to benefit, to fall or lean to one side). She said that knowledge and ignorance and our effort and God’s will are not different entities. She said that it was her belief. She told Sri Gopala Rao garu and Dr. Potluri Subba Rao garu to complete their own obeisance (dhyana) before taking food and went to make arrangements for our meals. While at meals, as Mother was putting kumkum on our foreheads, when it came to the turn of Sri Gopala Rao garu, he began reciting “Maatha: Janasarana: …kuputro jaayatha kwachidapi – kumatha na bhavathi!” (there may be bad children but never could there be a bad mother) and clasped her feet.

We took leave of Mother and started on our return journey. On our way back, I asked Sri Gopala Rao garu his opinion. He said that what he talked about was deep philosophical issues which could not be easily grasped, even by well educated people. Yet, he said that Mother, though a lady, was able to follow him. But, he said that after two or three more visits and only after deeper discussions, he would be able to express his opinion..

However, it happened to be his only visit. He never could come to Mother again.

(…..to be continued)

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