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Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2010

(Visits and knowledge gained) 

My third trip was on 13th. Mother spoke about her experiences. She spoke about “Sushumna” and “Sahasrara’. She said that it is the world and compared it to a cabbage flower and the sushumna to its thalamus over the stalk. She said that the sookshma sareera (body in its minutest form) would be in the sushumna. She said that the knot would be there and the all pervading power too would be there only.

She said that “Mantras” are simply words of the people who conquered Manas (Manassiddhi Kalavari Matale Mantralu). She said that her panchakshari (the Mantra with five syllables) is “What is this?” (Idi Emiti?) and her Ashtakshari (the eight syllable Mantra) is “why did this come?” (Idi Enduku Vachindi?)

Just then a red dog came in and was searching for oil to drink. Mother said that for animals smell helps to seek and that for mankind sound helps in their quest.

Then the question of how to do practice or Sadhana arose. Mother told us about the white cat. She said that it would come once in a fortnight and then would go out into the fields and for the next fifteen days would be concentrating on its penance. She said that the cat would come only after fifteen days.

Someone questioned “Mother! Where should we hear the sounds of Ram, Sai, Om or Ram?” Mother jokes: “By folding the tongue could one annihilate one’s thoughts?”

In this visit fourteen of us 1) Sri NV 2) Sri PVS 3) RR, 4) CVR, 5) BAK, 6) M. Satyam, 7) MVS, 8) KVS, 9) ASR, 10) KVN, 11) BSP, 12) GV, 13) ASR, 14) Balu garu were there.

My fourth trip was on 13th & 14th Dec 1957. Nannagaru came to us. He told us Mother was suffering from Hysteria. He told us how blood oozed from her forehead and head time and again. Sri Chirala Venkatrao garu said that Sri Kanthaiah garu (Sri Lakshmi Kanthananda Yogi guru of Chebrole Anandashram) was an exceptionally great yogi and after seeking his opinion one could decide whether it was a physical ailment or a yogic mishap. Sri Nannagaru gave his consent and Sri Potluri Subba Rao garu and Bhimaraju Subbu Prasad went to Chebrole. Sri Yogi garu came to Chirala first. Then fourteen of us (mentioned previously) took a van and reached the 7th mile. We crossed the stream (Nallamada – Omkar) and found a cart coming towards us. We made Sri Kanthaiah garu board the cart and we followed it. Sri Babugaru alighted near the Baron. First Krishnavenamma and then Prabhavathi washed his feet. At that time Mother was standing near the door of the house (that had the snake-pit inside)

As Mother was coming Sri Babugaru signaled to me as if to enquire whether she was Mother. Previously Sri Yogi told us that when a yogi met another yogi they would lose their body consciousness and experience the same feeling just as two lights merging together would give them some indivisible light in the sky and that one would be able to answer the questions put to the other. I was just watching. Sri Babugaru became emotional. He said, “Mother, Raja Rajeswari! You are staying as Gayathri in our Ashram. Are you staying here as Raja Rajeswari?” He stood still and closed his eyes. After some time he opened his eyes first. Mother was still standing there with her eyes closed. He was invited inside the house and offered a chair to sit upon. Sri Baba garu told the gathering about his pilgrimages to Himalayas and the difficulties he encountered; about his Kodanda Rama Satakam and the penance that he did for 20 years. He told how in a photograph both himself and Mala Pitchamma garu (another Avadhoota) looked

astoundingly alike and how he refused the invitation to head the Kutralam Ashram after the demise of Mounasamy.

Bammagaru then asked yogi garu when would good days come to them. Nannagaru intervened and said there was no evil in the present. Babugaru asked Nannagaru whether Mother would obey him always and Mother Intervened and said that it was irrelevant. Then Mother fed Sri Yogi garu separately. He felt very happy and recalled how a Mother on his Himalayan trip fed him with affection. Mother kept quiet.

Next morning Sri Yogi garu once again spoke about his books Sankari Stava etc. and how ways to practice yoga were incorporated in the stanzas. He spoke about his commentary on Gita and that the Calcutta press conveyed their acceptance to publish it.

Then the question of propagation of Christianity came. Mother said “Religion lacks affection”. (Mamatha lenidi Matham), Babu garu said that it was the first time that he saw Mother. Mother said that she had been to the Ashram when she came to Chebrole at the time of the demise of Mrs. Chebrole Subbayammagaru. She said that Smt. Bhagyamma garu was also there. She said that maybe he didn’t notice her at that time. Babu garu replied – ‘May be due to my ego” Mother quipped – now you were able to see only (Ahamkara) due to it.

Nannagaru took Babugaru into the Baron and asked whether Mother had Hysteria. Babu garu said there was no reason to fear or to worry. Mother said that she had nothing to ask or to tell. Babugaru was invited for Dinner. He said “I am still in a partial trance. This is the happiest day in my life. I do not care for what you all think of me”.

Then Sri Yogi garu told the villagers to emulate Mother and learn how spirituality could be gained even doing household chores. He advised Nannagaru never to ask money from others.

As he was leaving, I too asked Mother for permission to accompany him. Mother said “It is your will (Mee Daya). So, I – asked “Ramayya garu to accompany Babu garu and after accompanying them up to the Drain, once again returned.

In the evening Sri NV & GV were going out. They asked me to accompany them. But I remained sitting with Mother. Mother seemed to be in a trance. She was looking at me. To my surprise, She began to recite all the Mantras that I had learnt from Sri Mounasamy without my mentioning them. She said there are only two letters important for all these: Om, Ram, Om, Hreem etc.

In the night she was still in a trance. I was sitting quietly there. She questioned me about the dwelling place of life (where does Prana exist?) She then spoke about Human Anatomy – about Koshas, about Kidneys, about various limbs and about blood circulation at length. She said that Sushumna would be like an extremely thin thread and when it expands it would have three threads in it. She said that Universal pervasiveness would be in Sushumna. She said that light would be in the eyes but more light would be inside and electric sparks could be in the eyeballs. She again gave the examples of Cabbage flower and the stalk of the Brinjal for Sushumna.

She then spoke about blood circulation and that blood along with mind would be reaching out to all limbs. She said that we could easily learn how food is getting transformed into blood in one’s body. She told how this food in the form of excreta helps mother earth to grow paddy. She quoted from Shelley’s ‘Rose’ and ‘Isabella’ by Keats. She said that Earth is the base for everything. She said that is why both food and excreta are both different forms of God – the same Parabrahma Swaroopam.

(to be continued….)

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