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Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2011


At this time I could not correctly comprehend the meaning of Mother’s words and so I was a bit hesitant. The people who had been to Jillellamudi in the meanwhile propagated their own individual opinions as the sayings of Mother. I need not dwell on them at length; but I would mention only one event in this context and conclude.

When Raju (Sri Mannava Butchiraju Sarma) came to Chirala, several people invited him to their houses. As I heard the songs written by him and heard that he was a great aspirant and one who knew Mother’s nature more deeply, I too invited him to my house. Later Sri C.V.R. (Sri Venkata Rao) told us that Mother commented that Raju was taken to all houses like the Festive Bull (Gangireddu) and expressed her displeasure. As I had been a fairly new visitor to Jillellamudi, I thought that maybe I was at fault. Today (25.1.1958) I went to Jillellamudi along with Sri Banda Adinarayana garu. Mother was sitting in the shed beside their house. That night I requested Mother to kindly condone and pardon my mistake. Mother clarified that she never commented as above with any one. She told me to clarify such things or statements immediately from her whenever I heard such statements. As my father’s ceremony was on the next day, I started early in the next morning and returned to Chirala. I traveled along with Sri Mukteswara Rao garu and he expressed his opinion (about the above incident). From this moment onwards, I came to the firm conclusion that I should believe only the words that Mother herself spoke to me and not any secondhand statements.

Formation of Chirala Shed:

From the beginning, all of us felt that it might be a considerable burden to Sri Nannagaru (Amma’s husband Sri B Nageswara Rao, Karanam of the Village) as all of us are partaking food in their house only, during our visits. So we felt that it would be better to make alternate arrangements but none of us dared to express it to Sri Nannagaru. One day Sri Kona Subba Rao garu, as he was a childhood friend of Sri Nannagaru, took the initiative and brought one mound (about 2 kgs) of ‘Ghee’. Sri Nannagaru felt deeply and firmly insisted that he should take it back or at least take the price of the ghee. So, we could not take any further steps despite our firm resolution to set up a shed. So we gathered in the house of Sri Muvvala Satyam at Chirala and discussed about the paraphernalia needed to set up such a shed though we are fully aware that we were instrumental and are aware of our limitations to maintain it. Only Sri G.V. firmly opposed it saying that we could not take responsibility for such a venture. In fact no one among these had the confidence and courage to set up and maintain such a shed; only courage is the belief that Mother would take care of everything.

In this context Mother fed Sri Kona Subbarao garu and consoled him. He prayed to Mother to remove his blemishes and thereafter he had several experiences which he shared with us. Sri K.V.N. I had a dream. In the dream he and his sister were traveling and Mother came, bought a ticket for herself too and traveled along with them protecting them all the while. He too recorded all these experiences in his Diary. Maybe this prompted Sri Kona Subbarao to mention about his daughter’s marriage to Mother. (The dream of Sri K Nageswara Rao related to the marriage of his daughter).

Sri N.V. told us that we should pay our respects first to Bamma garu (Amma’s mother-in-law) and Nannagaru as it was with their kind permission that we could visit Mother, see her and converse with her. So, we agreed that it was the right procedure and followed it for some years and it was only after offering our Namaskarams to them we went for the ‘darshan’ of Mother.

After Mother convinced Sri Nannagaru, on 29.01.1958, the material required to set up a large shed – like palm leaves etc were sent on Lorries to Jillellamudi. Sri Brahmaiah garu and his brother took measurements and set up the first shed with a single pillar in the center and a large shed surrounding it. By the full moon day on 03.02.1958, the shed came into existence.

Some sayings of Mother, which I gathered during these days i.e., from 25.1.1958 to 03.02.1958 are given below:

  1. Samadhi – It is a state with equal limits (i.e..) with equality in everything.
  2. Doctor garu asked about Astral Travel. Mother said that observing the Avakasam is Sadhana or Practice. (Avakasam can be translated as opportunity – or the minutest space; the second meaning would be more apt here S). Then the – traveler would travel itself.
  3. ‘Vaikalyam lenide Kaivalyam’ – That which is without any mental aberration is itself liberation.
  4. Mother said that there are no distinctions like past, present and future; and said that any time is one. In the same way Mother said that if one understood the ‘Akasa’, the nature of sky elements, one would be able to understand the nature of birth and the rationale behind it (the reasoning behind it).

One night the younger brother of Sri Brahmaiah garu sang ‘Evaramma – nee vevaramma…..’ (who are you Mother?……). In this context Mother said – “every one would say that Mother knows everything for that I should become all their intentions. Only then I would be able to make them do accordingly”. I recalled the tale about Sai eating lady finger curry and asking the devotees later, when they visited, about their intentions about it. I began observing how far it would be applicable in the case of Mother (and it became evident).

  1. Liberation is the culmination of the idea of the desire to get liberation.
  2. When someone told Mother that Sri Raghuvara Das guru took the ashram of ‘Sannyasa’, Mother said that Sanyasa is about ‘becoming’ and not about ‘taking’.

So, I came to the conclusion that only one who transcends time and space (Mother) alone would be capable of showing the right path.

…………to be concluded)

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