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Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2011

17.1.1958 Puja by Sri Subba Rao garu

Last night, while Mother was sitting near the ‘Tulasi Kota’ Sri Achutuni Ramakrishna Sarma garu from Swarna spoke about Mantras, the ‘Bija Aksharas’ and about the ways of doing ‘puja’ etc. In reply, Mother said that she knew only about the preface to Mantra Sastra – A, Aa …….to Am, Ah” (the vowel group in Sanskrit & telugu languages). As per the internal and external frames of Japa (incantation) while she was thinking about the meditation of the crane and the incantation of the crow, the junction (sandhi) Ei (3) came from somewhere and that she became alone – only one – (53).

From what I have heard so far I inferred that as Mother was looking only at the chaitanya or (life-force) in all, she could bestow equal attention towards all and the differences in people, which one would acquire as per the consequences of their previous births would not affect her.

Someone said that he could not remember the mantra (the initiated word) and he could remember it only after going to the toilet. Mother said that the initiated word came to cognition as the impurity went out. I wondered about the depth of the small statement which spoke volumes about initiation, the incantation and the conditions needed to do it..

Sri Gangaraju Venkateswara Rao garu told us in this context about a previous incident. He told us about the visits of the brother’s wife of Sri Kommuru Seethapathi garu when Mother said that if she became angry it would be OK, but if Mother became angry no one could do anything. On hearing this, I became slightly afraid. I remembered the saying of Pagal Haranath – worship of a female deity is like entering the sea and like trying to get warmth in the sun. If one goes deeper one would perish and if one stays for a long time in the sun one would get scorched. I thought that the above example of the lady too may be a pointer in that way. Later I thought about the germination of the seed and may be, after the ‘Samadhi’ (trance) too one may still possess individuality and ego as Mother said to SriKantaiah Babugaru ‘you could now see only because of the ego’, I thought that this ego might exist in gross, minute, and causative states (Sthula, sukshma & karana) but in a trance one might lose individuality.

In this context I am obliged to tell about Sri Gangaraju Lokanadham garu. He could not move about because of his ulcerated leg and so, he used to lie down on the cots placed in the northern venanda of the hut that housed the snake pit. He told us that Mother was all-powerful. He told us that Mother came to the Hospital and after she blessed him, the ulceration stopped at the toe and it did not creep up the leg as would normally happen in the case. He told us that when they went to Bhadrachalam to buy tobacco, he was able to see Mother there everyday. One day as he could not have a vision of her, he wrote a letter to Jillellamudi and addressed her as “Mother’, though by relationship he was her husband’s elder brother. He also told us that Mother would not be speaking to someone put a question and encouraged us to question her on different topics. But as I was new to that place, I kept listening to her words instead of myself raising topics for discussion.

One night, some one asked Mother, “It is said that if one of the life partners (husband/ wife) dies earlier, the spirit would wait till the other’s death and both would continue to be husband and wife for several births. What is your opinion in this regard?”

Mother in answer, quoted the news published in newspapers. She said that though the facts about one’s previous birth were confirmed, in this life she married another. Mother said that each one’s destiny would be theirs alone. She continued, ‘It is unnecessary to guess about what would happen after death. What happened was the birth. What did not happen yet is death. If one could fathom the truth about the birth, one could understand the future” Mother continued speaking about the relationships. She said that nature’s will will be done by people and as example quoted Ramayana etc. (How Sita took birth first and directed the sequence of later events) 

(To be continued….)

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