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(Humility – the DNA of SVJP)

D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

Sri ViswaJanani Parishat (SVJP) is the apex body of Amma’s Organizations in Jillellamudi formed 45 years ago. AMMA declared before leaving Her mortal frame that henceforth SVJP is the Institutional reflection of Her Personality. Such is the Importance of the Institution. SVJP as an Organization was registered in the year 1971.

Under SVJP several other wings were formed. Matrusri Publication Trust brought out a sea of literature based on AMMA’s Life. Matrusri Digital Center has digitized quite a few of such titles and is soon making them available to the public Online.

Matrusri Medical Center was formed to extend medical services to one and all. Frequent Medical Camps are being conducted at neighboring places in order to reach more and more deserving. Matrusri Oriental College and High School are the educational wings under Matrusri Vidya Parishat to promote Sanskrit and Telugu education up to Graduation level with Hostel facilities.

SARANALAYAM (Home for the Aged) is another Institution in Jillellamudi taking care of the elderly persons with due respect, kindness and compassion.

Spirituality is at its peak in Jillellamudi. One has to visit ANASUYA SWARALAYAM where AMMA and NANNAGARU were consecrated and regular activities of worship are being performed round the year. HYMALAYAM is where HYMA, Amma’s daughter who was embodiment of kindness and pinnacle of Grace was consecrated by AMMA. The spiritual experience of the visitors in general and Sadhakas in particular, is distinctly exclusive and highly individual. These two temples

were formed during the lifetime of AMMA. Everybody can participate in these programs without any reservation.

Apart from the above temples, NAVA NAGA NAGESWARALAYAM, VARASIDHI VINAYAKALAYAM, AMMA PADUKALAYAM are other places of worship in Jillellamudi.

In these days of rampant pseudo-spiritual culture, identifying an Organization with genuine objective, service and spiritual message is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Love, Sacrifice, Devotion and Dedication are the cornerstones of SVJP. Craving for Publicity, Accumulation of wealth, Corpus Funds and Assets were never the Objectives of SVJP.

SVJP was led by people with single minded devotion and Service to AMMA. Stalwarts like Sri Kondamudi Ramakrishna (Ramakrishna annayya), Sri KBG Krishna Murthy (Gopal annayya), Sri Kondamudi Ramamurthy garu, Sri M. Dinakar, Sri Komaravolu Gopala Rao garu, Y.V. Madhusudana Rao, Sri N. Lakshmana Rao lead the Organization through the most difficult times, silently facing the day-to-day crises.

Staying at Jillella mudi away from many of the comforts and looking after the Organization day in and day out is not an easy task. It calls for certain sacrifices. These people stoically braced the challenges with single minded devotion and dedication.

The present team is led by Sri B.Ramabrahmam, Sri Y.V. Srirama Murthy, Sri Bhattiprolu Ramachandra and other members of E.C. All these people served the Organization with the conscious knowledge that they are serving AMMA.

How can one forget the services of Late Sri Adharapurapu Seshagiri Rao garu, who was an active leader of Indian National Congress and had an unflinching devotion to AMMA. He was Chief Architect in the formation of Matrusri Vidya Parishat, the educational wing of SVJP. He was the inspiration behind all institutions in Jillellamudi.

Sri Brahmandam Ravindra Rao, the Patron of SVJP, affectionately called Ravi Annayya by one and all, the youngest offspring of AMMA is the personification of modesty, simplicity, humility and affection. He never claims that he is the direct descendant of AMMA’s family. He takes pride in being identified as one of the countless children of AMMA.

There is no exaggeration in the fact that there is hardly any visitor to Jillellamudi who has not experienced the services of Smt. Brahmandam Seshu, Vasundharakkayya are Vydehi and other sisters.

The unique feature of the Institutions in Jillellamudi and the glaring contrast with other Organization elsewhere in the Country is that there is NEVER a price tag for anything. If anybody feels like supporting the cause they are welcome but there is never a price tag. AMMA ordained that “House of All” is one family. Till date House of All continues to provide shelter to anybody and everybody irrespective of their status.

This is the main reason why other Organizations elsewhere in the Country flourish with bountiful funds within a short time of their formation and SVJP is constantly running with deficit funds.

There are so many ardent devotee children of AMMA in India and abroad, whose bondage, attachment and commitment to SVJP is more than to their own families. They keep away from publicity and they do not feel they are extending any favor to the Organization through their contribution.

Humility and not the Braggadocio is the DNA of SVJP. There is no place for vested interest in SVJP. The only Power that controls the Organization and keeps it alive is the DIVINE POWER of AMMA and Her all pervading LOVE and GRACE. That is the uniqueness of Sri Viswajanani Parishat.

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