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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2017

Oh! Our adorable HYMA, the

Endearing light within us;

Our little hearts pine and long for THEE

 Ever, seeking THY hidden abode,

 Which please be known to us mercifully?

THOU are but the leading living light of progress,

 Verily the sanctifying force of 

This lesser world; THY presence is 

But the immortalizing element,

Truly, divine like the very AMMA.

Our humble hearts are very much

 THY dwelling spots, which ever hear your 

Calls from the distant divine realms,

 Beyond the eons of this endless time;

Across the distant galactic domains 

Much farther beyond our reach and even the gaze 

Seeking THEE, ever true and timeless HYMA;

 And our yearning from these mortal domains

 Ever continues for THY soothing presence.

THOU truly seeped and saturated in

THY boundless compassion churned your 

Form in this lifetime thus; met the ending

 Point in time’s endless wake, soaring 

To the heavenly stars to be the very lode star,

 Mercifully leading and molding our

 Mortal lives, THOU blue eyed,

 HYMA! Always compassionate towards us.

It is commonly said, those whom GODS love die young. Quite likely the GODS are always eager to summon or retrieve the one of their own kind, with a trace, element or the divine aspect within the human form. This song is done in the time of HYMA attaining eternity casting off her mortality or HER frail physical frame. While this lyric was set to tune of the popular Hindi song and being rendered, Nannagaru’s eyes moistened and he left the spot. Such is the impact it has caused.

HYMA lived and moved amongst us the Jillellamudi fraternity, the endearing children of AMMA with little difference. She adored, loved, and shared our lives like any fellow human being. Yet she was different. HER mercy and compassion were beyond human in the sense HYMA ever responded to the suffering of those around. HYMA’S mercy is spontaneous even without any bonds with the subject.

Gentle to the core, she was touched at the pain, hardship or troubles of those around at which she responded and reacted keenly with overflowing mercy. Truly HER compassion is boundless and sourced from the divine realms. Everyone cherished HYMA’S presence and longed to be with her. HER presence has always been soothing and endearing. 

In reality, when HYMA entered the sanctum, the near and dear find an unfathomable void within them. They try to seek HYMA after the consecration, wherever SHE is either beyond the endless wake of time or even in the distant divine realms. In reality, both domains they find are beyond their reach and sight.

 They find solace with the comforting feeling that though HYMA cast off the physical form, she is very much within their hearts, which are the true dwelling spots of HYMA. They hear her call and feel the touch deep within the heart’s recesses.

They are also convinced that HYMA is the very divine presence that causes the living force in them and vitalizes them. HYMA is verily like AMMA in the divine aspect and the divine dispensation of human lives. Further, those close to HYMA capture the essence that HYMA has always been merciful and compassionate beyond a degree that could never be gauged. HYMA put her physical form to too much pressure and pain because of her utmost empathy towards the suffering and deprived. HYMA spent her lifetime in such boundless empathy towards the suffering and hardships of those around. With such noblesse and innate divinity HYMA attained eternity, entering the sanctum for the relief and redemption of all beings in this universe.

Those around HYMA do understand that she has soared to the starry realms if only to serve the living much better and much more. HYMA is deemed the oldest star among the galaxy of stars that leads and molds our lives in reaching the final goal. HYMA is the meeting point of both the earthly and the unearthly; the temporal and the spiritual; the ‘Para’ and the ‘Apara’. HYMA is a unique confluence of the worldly and the otherworldly for the spiritual aspirants. HYMA frees them from the human needs, fulfills the mundane concerns and shepherds them towards the lofty godly path for eventual salvation. Thus bestows the ultimate freedom from all bondage.

AMMA declared to the whole at the moment of HYMA’S consecration in the sanctum, “I have delivered HYMA, I brought her up, I killed her and I conferred divinity on HYMA.” Thus HYMA being consecrated in the sanctum of the HYMALAYAM shrine is for the benefit for the entire universe. This consecration, HYMA attaining eternity is AMMA’S benediction for the welfare of this universe.

AMMA pronounced that HYMA blows the conch in the spiritual domains, summoning all the saints, sadhaks and spiritual aspirants. While doing so, HYMA’S boundless love also fulfills their life needs and clears their paths for further progress and spiritual attainment.

AMMA decreed that HYMA’S love towards us is far greater than our love or affinity towards HYMA. Thus HYMA is the embodiment and personification of love, mercy and compassion. With these aspects predominant, HYMA is ever prone to the

fulfillment of human life in all its aspects. HYMA is the unique truly fruitful confluence of the temporal and the spiritual.

It is the experience in times of distress or difficulty in the spiritual path HYMA always gently marks the way and the aspirant very soothingly leads in the right path and with the correct perspective. Such is the unique being and presence of HYMA. Such is the boundless benefaction emanating from the shrine HYMALAYAM for all beings always and ever. It is for us, the frail human beings, to be aware of HYMA’S unique positive posture and rush to the sanctum in earnestness and good faith.

Pray AMMA guide us and shepherd us on this much desirable path, shorn off the lesser concerns and trivialities of this earthly existence.

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