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HYMA’s 72nd Birthday Celebration at Hyderabad

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2015

It was a Grand Gala event in its real sense at brother Sri T.S. Sastry’s residence on 18th November 2014. Celebrating Hyma’s birth anniversary was always an opportunity for Sri Sastry garu and his family to present the occasion with zeal, passion, devotion and fervor.

The fabulously decorated premises greeted around 200 devotees who gathered to perform puja reciting Lalita Sahasram three times followed by Lalita Ashtotharam, Hymavati Ashtotharam, Ambika Ashtotharam. Hyma is the embodiment of Sri Lalita Parameswari indeed!! A special feature of this year’s puja was performong it with Lotus flowers specially brought from Godavari Dist.

The special attraction of the event was the well decorated Puja dais. The intense devotion and commitment of Smt. Anasuya, daughter of Sri Sastry was reflected in the way Hyma’s picture was decorated adorning it with a saree and ornaments giving the impression of a live figure.

Sri Potturi Venkateswara Rao former Chairman of A.P. Press Academy and noted Journalist and Sri V S R Murthy, the noted Spiritual Scientist were among the celebrities who attended the function.

A notable presence this time was of brother Sri B. Ravindra Rao, Sri M. Dinakar and Sri Y.V. Sreerama Murty, Patron, President and General Secretary respectively of SVJP. Sri VSR Murthy in his very brief discourse exhorted that all of us should strive to fill our daily life with spirituality imbibing the message of Amma.

The celebrations started at 10.00 am followed by Hyma Prasadam in the form of sumptuous lunch.

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