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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2018

In the joyous lullaby, swinging 

In THY beauteous bliss

Is the entire world held? 

Or put to the deep slumber too

 Devoid of all cares, concerns

 In THY motherly bliss of beauty

This earth, nay the entire universe 

Wrapped in THY merciful bosom, 

Soaked up in thy seamless love 

Steeped in THY boundless forbearance

Fully immersed in THY all pervasive 

Auspicious form that augurs well for all

In such beauteous blissful state,

Casting the cool moonlight

Luster of THY gentle looks gracing us

Making us repose in THY compassionate core;

While such overwhelming grace not overtly

 Seen by us, bowing THY feet as the

 Symbolic form, the fount of all such

 Boundless ceaseless grace shall rest 

At peace in THY merciful motherly lap 

Truly oblivious of this little self

 With all its trivial cares as also the worldly woes?


Truth, Beauty and Bliss chants the East (Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram); ‘Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty’ (John Keats) sings the West. In all the spiritual domains beauty and truth the cause of bliss are deemed coexistent and consistent mutually. In the ecclesiastical circles, confirmation of sainthood is conceptualized as beatification by the Pope.

Truth and consciousness are said to beget the concept of infinite-bliss-consciousness (Satchidananda) for the spiritual aspirant in culmination. Here, Brother Raju focuses his lyric on these essentials as also mother’s overwhelming persona and related aspects of HER aura which draw the children to HER.

Truth and Bliss though are constant, their manifestation and effect are in constant flux as felt by the individual. Granting such a scenario, the subject feels as if he is tuned to the lullaby of joy and moving in the beautiful, blissful state in the presence of AMMA. Verily the child is ever joyous when subject to the mother’s endearing attention or placed in such singular, loving motherly presence.

At this juncture while the child nears the mother also intuitively feels HER overwhelming infinite presence. Then he is bound to surmise is the entire world caught in AMMA’S predominant person, or at times could it be that the world is put to deep, peaceful sleep devoid of all the lesser cares and concerns? Or is he nearing the beauteous bliss of AMMA’S unique persona?

Granting this are all the worlds and the living forms nay the entire existence is enmeshed in mother’s core, caught in HER boundless love, care and ever subject to HER forgiving forbearance at all our follies? Getting to know that AMMA’S overwhelming form covers us all, in which all the entire existence without exception is included. Thus AMMA’S infinite presence, form encompassing us all, the living species, augurs all auspices for one and all. This is the presumptive surmise and the logical conjecture that Brother Raju reaches in his lyrics.

Convinced of such a delightful scenario, the living species are all subject to the cool gentle moonlight cast by AMMA’S gentle looks on us. In such ever desirable state, we wish to seek repose in THY gentle self. We wish to rest in THY compassionate bosom.

Despite much yearning, deep intent, such a mega scenario of overwhelming grace and AMMA’S contemplative eyes surveying the given order is ordinarily not perceptible in the given mundane scenario.

Having little choice, option in the reality in which we are placed, we deem THY gracious feet as the symbolism of all such grace, motherly love and bow them meekly. While doing so rest in THY motherly lap and be put in THY larger self covering all our lesser selves. (“NENU NANNA NENU”). Verily as pronounced by AMMA, “I AM THAT SINGULAR ‘I’, THE FUSION OF ALL OTHER T’S”.

Exposed to such unique love, care of AMMA that border the beautiful bliss, the lesser selves long to fuse in the super self of AMMA. Thus we are resting in peace oblivious of all our worldly woes, trivial concerns and cares, abandoning ourselves to THY supreme, overwhelming dispensation in meek submission, abject surrender.

(Adapted from ‘ANDALA LEELALO’, Song No.33, and Page 35 of the work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma. Also gratefully acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers Ravuri Prasad and AVR Subramaniam).

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