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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2015

(Contd. from previous issue….)

  1. There are no miracles

I met Mother twice in 1954. In 1955 I visited her 5 to 6 times. Though at first I did not have a close bond with her, I was always conscious of the fact that she is a mysterious power. I have no rational explanation for this.

Normally I do not accept anything blindly. I believe in something only when I thoroughly investigate and get a satisfactory answer and a satisfying experience. Till then I keep asking ‘why shouldn’t it be like this? Why couldn’t it be different?’ It is my nature to be always doubting. I am a doubting Thomas.

At first I used to visit Jillelamudi. But my visits are of no great significance. I had no evidence even to develop faith. But there is something unique in what Mother says. I felt that what Mother said was something different from the usual traditional, outlook that is handed down to the next generation, in the right measures. Otherwise where is the need to come to Jillellamudi? Where is the necessity to travel all the way so often to a remote village to prostrate before an ordinary housewife? Would there be any compulsion to take a lot of trouble to come so far if she were to merely repeat parrot like, the words of wisdom that are found in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the epics and histories? One might as well read books and gain knowledge. Whoever talks about these (spiritual) matters they cannot go beyond the intellect. Each one interprets and analyses according to one’s mental maturity and one’s capacity to grasp. This is mere repetition of the same facts in different ways. Yama, niyamas, yogas, Agami, Sanchita, Prarabdha karmas (actions performed in the past, present), Chidakasham, Ghatakasham (infinite space and finite space), dasavidha Naadaalu (ten types of sounds) – this is the usual jargon. This is what everybody repeats.

I felt Mother’s statements were at variance with the traditional statements. In the first meeting itself she shattered my blind belief that “if I eat snakegourd the incantations that are recited as an antidote to the snakebite will not be efficacious”. At that moment itself she lighted the lamp of knowledge in me. She opened my eyes to recognise the Truth.

Usually only one side of the coin is visible to the observer. Similarly an individual can look at any object in the creation only from his point of view. But just as there is the second side or the other side to the coin so is there another angle of vision to anything in creation. The other side is oneself. This is the understanding of the Truth given to me by Mother. Hence I was drawn to her. Mother’s statement did not appear to be strange or contradicting the normal accepted beliefs. She makes you see the Truth which is obvious and casual. It is there, right in front of us but we fail to perceive it. The most significant thing about Mother is her uncommon individuality, incredible compassion and incomparable and infinite patience. I could never fathom this wondrous phenomena. On one occasion I had a dialogue with Mother.

Myself: Mother where did you get these miraculous powers? 

Mother: What miracles? What is a miracle ?

Myself: Aren’t there eight Siddhies (miraculous powers) like

Anima, Mahima, Garima Mother! ?

Mother: What Astha Siddhies? What is Siddhi

Siddhi is to make something happen whatever you wish for. So there can be eight Siddhis, or eighteen or eight thousand. All that you have to do is to think “I want this” and that it should actually happen. The important factor is your wishing for it and why should it be only eight? Purity of mind is the cause for achievement. If your mind is pure without any crookedness – that – is Siddhi. When your mind is pure in thought and word, whatever you wish for will happen. Clean mind (spotless) is Siddhi. There are no numbers like eight or nine qualifying, Siddhi.

You used another word – Mahattu i.e., miracle. Explain to me dear! What a miracle is. Look, now my hand is empty suppose a goose-berry or a black cherry (Allaneradu) or some other object materialises in my palm you all feel Mother has the power to perform miracles. To create what is not there, or present an object that was not there earlier But that is not so dear ! – that is called a miracle isn’t it?

You can climb a tree and I cannot, so in my opinion you are greater than myself. You posses a power that I do not.

You are able to do what I cannot. So I think you have some special quality (ability). You brought betelnut pieces into your palm. You did what I could not. Actually I too can do it. If you can do it why can’t I. But I do not know the know-how.

Everyone can do everything. But only a few do a few things. Because they perform these activities they are considered as great by others. Because they are great we ascribe greatness to them. But actually there are no miracles. Everyone has the same power that others possess. Everything is commonplace. But with some it appears to be unusual. But to make the so called unusual appear as commonplace is the miracle. Then it does not appear special. It appears to be very ordinary. Everyone, he, you and I can perform it. Then there is nothing extraordinary. It becomes a matter of fact, a routine.

That’s all dear! There are no miracles. It is only to learn to recognise the power. The one who understands the concept of power is considered a Mahatma, by the one who does not comprehend this truth.

(to be contd…)

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