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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2015

(Continued from the Previous Issue)

“May I sing your glory as Samagana, plucking the strings of the Veena, my heart” is my third song. – 

“The musical tinkling sound of your bracelets gives me a message

The jingling of your anklets clears my doubts

The message of your experience with ever new ideas”

That is the first stanza.

Every movement, every look, every word of Mother is extremely significant. It is endowed with spiritual values. The message of Mother that comes out of the crucible of experience is the Veda of the Newage.

Once Mother was stung by a scorpion sometime during the night. As was her wont she got up early in the morning, had her bath and was attending to her regular household chores. Periodically she was gently rubbing the phalanx (‘kanupu’ in Telugu) of the left hand finger with her right hand. Her fair complexioned phalanx turned black because of the effect of the poison. When I saw the black finger I asked her “What is it Mother?” “A scorpion stung me dear” was her reply. Part of the broken sting was embedded in her finger and it had to be removed gently. Mother’s gentle rubbing was her attempt to bring the broken sting out. There were no sounds like ‘ah! ouch! oh god! sh! Indicating excruciating pain. Neither did her facial expression reveal the pain. Though she was stung by the scorpion she behaved as if nothing had happened. Every movement of Mother sends out a message and clears a doubt.

“The jingling of anklets clears my doubt”, I said. Mother’s movements are not on this earthly plane but she moves in the avenues of the Vedas. It is as if the resonance of the anklets of Mother’s holy feet reveals the truth about the secrets of creation, which are beyond one’s imagination and comprehension. Doesn’t the mother make the baby drink the castor oil even if she has to pinch the baby’s cheek?” Therefore wheedling, coaxing, cajoling, cherishing, protecting, nourishing, punishing… giving food to nourish the body and imparting wisdom, meditating on one’s own self… everything is Mother’s duty, her Dharma. If necessary the mother will punish the child to put her/him on the right track. Once mother beat Subbarao with a stick – only once and never again, nor anyone else. She who is a cascade of the ambrosial love, later wept bitterly for beating Subbarao.

“Like the grains of sand that arise and fill the atmosphere in a fierce storm

Like the tidal waves that almost touch the sky The turbulence in your life shall I sing about these – thoughts

In a tuneful rhythmic manner?” This is the second stanza.

“Like the grains of sand in a raging storm, like the tidal waves that reach upto the sky, your life is full of turbulence – shall I sing about it” – I asked.

Mother’s path is the razor’s edge. In her real life too she likes only serious roles and this is quite contrary to the normal inclination of people. Till now no prophet, no scholar, no incarnation has taught in this manner. She said, “worship the goddess of Patience with suffering, the materials of worship.”

The afflicted, the oppressed are Mother’s relatives; the distressed are her friends; the aggrieved are her confidants. Mother is the embodiment of affection, a noble quality. She lived only to redeem the victims of destiny. There were many hurdles and obstacles in the path of Mother. Everyone i.e., her own people as well as the outsiders misunderstood her, resulting in suspicions and humiliations. These inimical situations caused pain to the physical body but her mind was steady like the Ganga waters of Manasarovar lake, sparkling like the pure crystal. The truth is that the world drama cannot be enacted by a single character. She created the other actors along with her. She abided by the rules laid down by her own self. That is the reason why Mother neither abused nor condemned any one. She only praised their good qualities and affectionately locked up their faults in her heart.

Your heart is like the light inside the pot

(with innumerable holes)

You are Anasuya who drives away likes and dislikes, jealousies.

Your glorious life story is full of milk of human kindness

You are brilliant like the red hued dawn

II Can I sing? Il

‘Deevyate iti daivaha’ The definition of God is “self illuminating”. Kumbhagatapradeepa kalika’ – the light inside a pot (with holes). In the month of Karteeka a lighted lamp (Akasha Deepam) will be placed inside a pot with innumerable holes (thousand holes sahasra chidram) and sent up with the help of a rope and tied at the top of the pillar/mast (Dhwaja sthambham) fixed in the temple in front of the main entrance door with the provision for a flag that will be hoisted on special occasions. In the Dakshinamurty Stotra the Guru is described as the brilliance of the great light the rays of which emerge through the innumerable holes of the pot. That great light is Mother’s heart. ‘Arunaruna ojomayam’ is the brilliance of the Sun’s rays at dawn dispelling the darkness. The rays of compassion and affection of Mother drive away likes and dislikes and jealousies bestowing immortality. That is Anusuyatatva the principle or the essence of Anasuya.

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