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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2015

(Continued from the Previous Issue)


“Oh my heart the stringed instrument Veena the prelude to my actual song”. This is my fourth song written on 24-8-1956.

The light that shows the direction The polestar that indicates the quarter

The atom in the universe

The glorious functioning of the atom / Oh my heart /

This is the first verse. “The light that shows the direction, the Polestar that indicates the quarter” – it means Mother is the Sadguru who like the ladder helps one to ascend to the heavenly abode. “The actions are not in our hands” ie., one has no control over one’s actions” is her declaration. The inspiration is invisible but the effort is visible is the explanation given by Mother, an embodiment of light and wisdom. Having faith in human effort, accepting the success and failure as the result of one’s own sinful deeds, utterly confused and disturbed and suffering from hellish pangs to such humanity Mother is the redeemer from this angst and anxiety bestowing an opportunity to play in the Ocean of Peace. Such a ‘direction’, ‘compass’, ‘rudder’ and ‘Polestar’ is Mother.

I stated “The glorious functioning of the atom, “The minutest of the minute”. The greatest of the great” – The veda describes the Divine in this most distinguished and unique manner. But Parashakti or the Supreme Power is smaller than the atom and greater than the greatest that is to say, indirectly, that is is everything. The scientists confirmed that the cause for the light and heat of the Sun is the happenings in the centre of the atom.

The progeny of the Creator (Atmavai putra namasi the son being the replica of the father), every object, every atom in the creation is significant. The Einsteinian theory that matter and energy get metamorphosed clarifies this Truth.

All this is verily Brahman

The Atman is Brahman

 Prajnanam is Brahman 

And you are that Brahman – is looking into oneself Atmaavalokana This is the fifth verse.

This Atma is Brahma (Ayam atma Brahma – Atharvaveda)

Prajnanam Brahma (Rigveda)

Thou art that Brahma (tattvamasi – Samaveda)

Looking into oneself – Atmavalokana (Aham Brahmasmi – Yajurveda)

This is the teaching. These are the four great declarations – Mahavakyas. Whatever you see is one’s own self – is the crystal clear statement of Mother. Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma – All this is Brahma – Mother who reflects on herself – Atmavalokini stands for the Truth and Perfection.

The fierce roaring of the ocean

The shrill shrieking of the stormy winds

The brilliant light of the fire at the time of the final dissolution of the Creation

This is the song that sings about your holy biography which is like swimming against current of all trials and tribulations – this is the fourth verse.

There was a time when Mother had to spend a whole night in a tobacco barn (a fire pit) bearing the heat of 140º Centigrade but came out triumphant. Like the burnished gold she glowed. That certainly is a superhuman, distinct nature. I was a witness to this incident.

All our suffering is an offering (of food) unto her. Mother takes on the aches and pains of others not because it is a burden but because it is a responsibility. The agony, the thunderbolt like shocks from which we run away – Mother treats them with kindness, almost with reverence, gives shelter to them, and puts up with them. With great care and concern she treats them as her children always neglecting herself.


“Oh Absolute Divine Light” is my fifth song, written on 6-9 1956.

The whole creation is made up of five elements. So is our body. There is an identity between Mother and the five elements, the cause of creation. There is no difference between Mother and the elements. Keeping this aspect in mind, I penned this and other songs of mine, relating the five elements with the essence or the spirit of Mother.

Feet       –  element of Fire

Belly       –  element of Air

Heade     –  lement of Earth

Eyes       –  element of Water

Body      –   element of Ether

Stated Mother. “You are the luminous light of all the infinite number of lamps”, I said. Mother is the self illuminating radiance which lights up the ‘self’ or the ‘I’ in all beings.

“Absolute divine light” is the imperishable Supreme Brahman, which has neither a beginning nor an end. The Vedas define it as Truth, Knowledge, Infinite Brahma. That eternal Truth is Mother, the divine power which is beyond the boundaries of time

and space.

The five elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Their properties are sound, touch, form, taste and smell. The property of earth is smell, of water taste, of fire form, of air touch, of eather sound.

That which is beyond the attributes of the five elements the Supreme Truth and Bliss You are that Mother. That is, there are five sheaths in the body made of five elements. They are the food sheath, the vital air sheath, the mind sheath and the Bliss sheath. Beyond these sheaths shines the Supreme Being.

We perceive duality in every aspect and every atom of creation. So is it with the five elements.

 Deluge peaceful waters

Conflagration a beam of light

Tempest gentle breez

Tornado Unpolluted pure sky Both are Brahman and everything is That.

(to be continued)

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