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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2016

(Continued from the Previous Issue)

“Mother! Mother! Monism incarnate !” is my sixth song written on 10-11-1956.

The lamp that lights the hearts 

The light that shines in the hearts

is the burden of the song “brahman resides in the middle of the flame (tasya sikhaya madhye paramatma vyavasthitaha)”. Mother is the Supreme Lord that shines in the cave of the heart. She is the one who lights the lamp of wisdom in thousands of hearts. The lighted lamp alone can light the other lamps. That is the reason why before any worship of the divine or any specific worship (vrata) a lamp is lit. We invoke and invite, meditate and worship the Supreme Mother in the form of a lamp.

You you alone are the progress in the world Become the entire world and bestow salvation

Moksha, Kaivalya, Nis Sreyas all meaning salvation of liberation or God realisation that is the goal. The traditional view of the – vedanta is that it is most difficult to break away from the bonds of birth and rebirth and action. This discourse has caused anxiety to humanity throughout the ages. As the goal cannot be attained very easily even after a great deal of struggle, one tends to move towards negativity and depression. But in the case of Mother she has, unasked, unconditionally granted a boon “andariki sugate” “everyone will reach the goal”. Everyone will have to go back to the place from where one has come. The goal is for everyone, meaning that the ultimate destination is Mother.

You You are the consciousness (chichhakti) The ‘I’ in you is your power, the power of the Atman

Why do I need Heaven, Oh Mother, embodiment of Mother Earth ? This is the second verse. The power that shines in all beings in all forms is termed ‘Consciousness’ (Chichhakti). When I repeat the word “you” three times my intention is to state that Mother is that “consciousness”.

I addressed Mother as “vasudhaika murthy” (embodiment of Mother Earth) . I compared mother to Mother Earth many times as Mother stands for infinite patience, grandeur and charity. The essential things for our very existence like air, water, food… and many more all are available because of the grace of mother Earth. 

“The “I” in you is the divine power, strength of the self” I said. Mother said “I am that I am”. These are the words of Jesus too.

In everything there is an ‘I’ and everybody has an ‘I’ and the rest is ‘you’. Each individual has an ‘I’. ‘You’ also has an ‘I’. I, you, he, she, they all have an ‘I’ (when they refer to – themselves). When you go to the root of the matter, this ‘I’ and all the ‘Is’ put together is the ‘T’ that Mother refers to (the – divine power).

The ‘I’ in you is the divine power, the strength of the self. – When reference is made to the ‘I’ in you it is not referring to the ‘I’ of Raju; it means Mother who is the ‘I’ in all. I + I + I + I + ….. is Mother.

When we say ‘I’ we refer to the physical body. We identify the body with the soul. It alludes to the individual ego. It does not hold a mirror to the ‘I’ the ‘I” of “Aham Brahmasmi “”I am Brahman”.

You who can discriminate between what is transitory and what is permanent

You are the Truth you are alone You who can introspect and look through the permanent and True.

This is the third verse. This is eternal, this is transitory. This is momentary, this is permanent. This is inert or inanimate and this is consciousness. This is small and this is great. This is visible and this is invisible. This is alive and this is dead. This is the traditional vedantic division. Mother categorically rules out this division. Mother’s discourse is common sense coupled with science. “Everything is consciousness – alive not inert; whatever is seen is the true self. There is only change, no destruction in creation. When whatever you see is that power why should you close your eyes? Creation is God.

From the ant to the Brahman is the saying. But isn’t the ant Brahman too? Mother made this clarification many times. Mother is completeness, (sampoornam). She is Mother for all and everything. She does not see any shortcomings. She likes everybody’s opinions and all religions. Nothing pains her.

The traditional path which was earlier referred to is called “Neti marga” the path of negation – not this, not this. What is that which is referred to as ‘I’, ‘I’ – one has to clarify. I am not the organs of perception, I am not the organs of action I am not the mind, not the intellect, the ego; you proceed negating one by one Mother supports this method. She says after negating one after another you come to the conclusion that “I” is everything. He who knows himself knows everything. Mother is an embodiment of Truth. Mother defines the essence of Brahman which is “Truth, Knowledge, Infinite” in simple words. Mother who looks into herself (atmavalokanam) is the Brahman without a second. That is why when it is said that Brahman is Truth and the world unreal, Mother stated, “There is nothing unreal dear, everything is the Truth”. To comprehend Mother’s truism what is needed is not bookish knowledge but God’s grace. ‘By the grace of Almighty alone one develops an interest in Advaita” says the Avadhuta Gita. In my view Mother is the Truth and Brahman is unreal.

10-11-1956: “It is a strange legend” is my seventh song.

On the full moon day in the month of Karthika (which approximately falls in the month of November (18.11.1956), I heard Mother speaking to someone, when she was in Samadhi, that she is going to shed the body. This fact is known to a few people. Perhaps even Nannagaru knows about it. In that context Mother said “I don’t have any such intention. If it is ordained that this body should continue to be, I am not going to stop it. I will not do anything. Whatever is destined is not known.”

I came to know of it a week or ten days prior to the full moon day. All of us were under great stress. The very thought (of Mother not being there for us) is shaking us up with fear. I appealed to Mother. “Mother! What is this? We want you. You have to be with us. Many have to be blessed by you.” Mother said, “All this is nonsense (Needanta sodi). Wait and watch what is going to happen. Mother never accepted that she has occult powers. When she said “what nonsense” it was obvious that she accepted my words and my song. The word ‘sodi’ in Telugu is to utter the words the message of God through the medium of a human being. Some Incarnations of God came in the guise of fortune-tellers for a specific purpose.

Nannagaru had ten acres of land across the canal, where he planted the seedlings of tobacco. There was a barn too. These seedlings have to be transplanted at least in ten acres of land. There was no one with Mother at that time. Mother prepared coffee and asked me to take it to Nannagaru. I covered the glass with a paper and took it. By the time I reached Nannagaru the coffee became cold. I gathered a few dry leave and papers, made a fire and warmed up the coffee. He drank the coffee, and I returned home. During this sojourn I penned this song.

Mother has to live. I need her, that is my selfish thought. – When Mother is not present even if you have everything it is as good as not. The thought that the light of my eyes, my life spirit is going to disappear forever this truth has been eating me up. –

What should I do? To whom do I appeal? This song is composed when the mind is totally agitated and anguished at the thought that my deity, an embodiment of auspiciousness will disappear in the course of time, caught in a tempest, in a tornado, in a hurricane.

An infinite power has donned a finite form to shower her grace. To don and doff the physical frame is a very casual act for Mother. I am the one to miss her as she is my redeemer. She who forever cares for me day and night, the close knit bond, the savior of the distressed, one who is a solace, a Sadguru, a guide, a target, a path, a goal the embodied Supreme Mother is going to be separated from me forever. How do I console myself? How do I reconcile myself to this fact, except to sit helplessly and shed tears. I have no peace of mind and there is no light in the path I tread.

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